How To Upgrade Your Mindset For Your Best Future

I Didn't Have A Vision for my life. Now I'm Living It.

Success to Significance welcomes Cardiff Hall, a Del Monte Foods executive with 27+ years experience. He's building his next business coaching professionals so they can have sustained achievement.

Cardiff Hall helps individuals and companies revolutionize how they live or do business. He's leading colleagues inside Del Monte and coaching his clients to reach beyond their current levels of success.

He is all about achievement, no matter your circumstances.

Cardiff HallCardiff is also author of a new book Tide Turners, scheduled for release on January 17th, 2017.

In addition, he is developing a mentoring course, coaches individuals and groups, and speaks frequently to executives, managers and other groups on leadership, Navigating Job Transitions, Weathering Unplanned Events, Maintaining Motivation and other topics.

Cardiff in married, lives close to Minneapolis, Minnesota and enjoys being a dad to his daughter.


Listen to How To Upgrade Your Mindset For Your Best Future


Cardiff's video highlighting reasons why attending events is a great investment. Wise words.


Cardiff's Thought Leadership

  • When I started this journey, I was consuming about a book a month. I got involved with self-development and online courses.
  • [Before that] “I was never a reader. If I read books, I was reading fiction to take my mind away, to escape from the the doldrums of corporate life.
  • The loop we get into is: we get up, we go to work, we do our job, we come home, we do family. It's a vicious loop that we get lost in when we are not intentional. We find ourselves doing the same things every single day, wishing and hoping there is something more.
  • Cardiff HallI knew all the major songs, I knew the news. I knew it all. If someone asked me what was going on, I could tell them the top 10 hits, the news, because that what I knew. I didn't know know about this mobile university. I started to listen to podcasts, to Jim Rohn, to Brendan Burchard and others. They were fueling my tank.
  • Ray Higdon asked our class if we had a vision for our lives. I wrote down “No” – I didn't have a vision.
  • As humans, we hunger for a vision, if we are unable to create a compelling vision for ourselves, we latch onto someone else's vision. With no vision for the future, we extinguish our powerful internal fire.” Quoting Ray Higdon
  • I was never one to say ‘I need a coach' or ‘I need help'. Working professionals have the stigma that they don't need a coach or a mentor or a guide. We fool ourselves. It's a self limiting belief, and I had that. I looked at as ‘a crutch; I was hurt'. That is so far from the truth! If we aspire to achieve, to do things we have not done before, why wouldn't we step into the shoes of those who have been there and learn from them?
  • Draw a line in the sand. You have to get mad with yourself. There's something more and [ask] what do I need to do different?
  • Everything that was put into my mind through the podcasts and the books prepared me for the journey I am on today.
  • I was purposeful on bringing my wife into the fold. She's read [Tide Turners] three times. She's going to the Igniting Souls Conference with me. It's important, if you want to do [something] new, that you have a connection with your spouse and communicate as much as you can. My wife is part of my team.
  • I wanted to learn how Kary Oberbrunner runs his monthly gatherings because I plan to do something similar in the future. [Flying to Columbus just for that meeting] was an investment. You can't be afraid to plant the seeds and to learn and grow.
  • It's really about intention and discipline. If you put those two into your foundation, there's nothing you can't achieve. You may not know how to get there. With mentoring and coaching, with someone who has scaled the mountain you seek, you can do it.
  • Remember this: Version 1.0 is better then Version 0.0
  • At the end of my life, I don't want to say: I shoulda, I coulda, I woulda.


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