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Pitch With Purpose: Start Your Venture, Secure Your Support, and Supercharge Your Dream.

About Pitch With Purpose

Communicating your opportunity to investors, partners, employees, and family members is a fundamental skill for all entrepreneurs.

My new book, Pitch With Purpose: How to Start Your Venture, Secure Your Support, and Supercharge Your Dream helps you build a sustainable business that attracts investors & support, deliver your pitch effectively, and cultivate relationships that propel you from an idea to a thriving enterprise.

Launch Date: April/May, 2018

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  • Pitch With Purpose

    Pitch With Purpose will dramatically improve your pitching capabilities.

    In Pitch With Purpose, you will find everything you need to build your business while securing the support of customers, investors, partners, employees, and family members.

Why Pitch With Purpose

As entreprenuers, we often get so focused on the moment of the pitch, we forget to build a sustainable business and neglect one of the most important aspects of pitching investors - relationships and following up.

A good presentation will only take you so far. If you build a great company and solid relationships, your odds are substantially better when seeking support.

In our startup we focused more on the pitch than the business many times. I saw it repeatedly while mentoring hundreds of entrepreneurs since we exited our startup.

Pitch With Purpose changes all that for you.

As Vice President, Community Partner Ventures at Rev1 Ventures, I mentored entrepreneurs and collaborated with founders & investors to raise funds & fuel growth.

I was a central figure in establishing and operating the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (DEC) in Dublin, Ohio. Today the DEC is home to over 140 companies. I frequently present to entrepreneurs at the DEC and other venues on entrepreneurial subjects, including pitching.

During our startup years, we pitched about 400 times and raised over $2,000,000. While at Rev1 Ventures, I either coached entrepreneurs while preparing to pitch or provided feedback during pitches that accumulated to over 1,000 pitches.

I know what I'm doing when it comes to pitching. 

Pitch With Purpose provides the framework that will help you craft & deliver a pitch that attracts investor attention and build relationships to fuel your dream.

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