Essentials Of The Success To Significance Podcast

An Overview of Who the Show is for, What to Expect, Why You Will Want to Listen and Where We Will Go Together

Welcome to The Success to Significance Podcast! “Essentials” is an overview of The Success to Significance Podcast plus a look forward at the first episodes.

Success to Significance PodcastThe Success to Significance Podcast focuses on individuals who have pursued and enjoyed career success and are looking to have an impact on the world around them. Our focus is on the journey through success and into significance.

The concepts of success and significance are complementary, not mutually exclusive, and the focus is building on your success.

My approach with this podcast is that you can leverage your success at whatever point in life you are today to better your own life and individuals' lives in the world around us.

Listen: Essentials of The Success To Significance Podcast

The Success to Significance Podcast helps you leverage your business success into significance and impact. You define your success, the significance you desire and the impact you want to have.

I want to help you recognize your calling, create clarity, identify potential, pursue intentional living and realize your dream of significance and impact.



The Focus, Feel and Format of Success to Significance


Kent Julian Podcast Live it ForwardI owe a huge “Thank You” to Kent Julian, developed the structure of “Focus, Feel and Format“. I adapted Kent's thought leadership for his structure to describe The Success to Significance Podcast. Kent has a stellar podcast called The Live It Forward Show. I highly recommend it; Live It Forward will be a good use of your time and a tremendous learning opportunity.

Our Focus is Straightforward:

  • Everything we talk about, every guest, will in some way be connected to leveraging your success into your significance.
  • We’re going to ask and answer questions like:
    • How can I leverage my success into significance?
    • How do I define and start pursuing significance?
    • How can I leverage my success while maintaining balance in my career, relationships and responsibilities?
    • How do I talk to others about my journey?
  • We’ll talk a great deal about entrepreneurs and utilizing an entrepreneurial approach to leveraging your success.


Our Feel is Constructive and We Will:

  • Be encouraging and realistic.
  • Freely share insights, tactics, and strategies that enable you to move forward.
  • Highlight the successes and stumbles of our guests.
  • Connect you with resources that will be good investments of your time and of your money.
  • Challenge you to take action, not to just learn good stuff, but to take sustainable action towards your greater significance and impact.
  • Communicate with you, answer your questions, engage in constructive conversations with you, and serve you as you leverage your success into your significance.


Our Format is Tailored for You:

  • Primarily interviews of people just like you and me
  • Weekly shows, released early on Friday mornings
  • Each episode will be 40 to 60 minutes in length.
  • Every episode will have a show notes page, with details about the episode, contact information for our guest, plus links to sponsors and the resources mentioned in the episode.
  • A transcript of each conversation will be made available via email upon request.


Upcoming Success to Significance Episodes:

  • Steve SchulzeEpisode 001 highlights a 30-year government employee, Steve Shulze, who’s wife encouraged him to “Get out before they carry you out”. You will be amazed at Steve’s authenticity and clarity as he tells his gripping story.
  • Jim AkersEpisode 002 features Jim Akers, a highly successful executive who left the corporate world to pursue greater significance. He is author of Tape Breakers. Jim’s thoughtful approach to business, planning next steps, taking risks, supporting a vital cause and intentionally living will inspire you.
  • Cynthia ClaireEpisode 003 introduces Cynthia Claire, who invested over 25 years in her corporate careers and pursued her passions on a global scale inside her last employer. She left to form her own company and is now an in-demand speaker, author, and coach. Cynthia’s recently authored Divorce to Divine. Cynthia's insights and enthusiasm will encourage and inspire you.
  • Harold ArnoldEpisode 004 features Dr. Harold Arnold, a passionate teacher who is building his platform on the side while focused on his full-time job. He has just published Second Shift, which is particularly suited for those pursuing significance in the part-time margins of life. Harold's dedication to his wife, his family and passions will inspire you and his message will draw you in and may transform you.
  • Joel KesselEpisode 005 is a long time friend and one with whom I share a Mastermind. Joel Kessel has built a successful company and continues to guide that firm through new growth stages while pursuing additional opportunities. Joel is writing a book, podcasting, keynote speaking, serving his clients and his team, plus being a husband a father to young children.
  • Andrew Moon Orange NomadEpisode 006 is another long time friend of mine and an entrepreneur that I look up to for his determination, grit and hustle. Andrew Moon, better known as the “Orange Nomad” has been an entrepreneur his entire life. His drive to succeed nearly killed him, and he had to throttle back to pursue greater significance.
  • Jared EasleyEpisode 007 spotlights Jared Easley, who has a great story of dreaming big and making things happen. He is an author and co-author of multiple books, most recently, Stop Chasing Influencers. Jared's story is tempered with reality. He left his day job to pursue his dream, and then had to fall back on his professional credentials to support his family as he pursues his dream. His story will resonate with you and help you to see yet another path to significance.


This is just a taste of who The Success to Significance Podcast will feature. Thought leaders who are living their success to significance.

I am confident you will find something that resonates with you, something that inspires you, something that makes you think differently, and something that spurs you to act in every conversation we have on The Success to Significance Podcast.


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Thank You

Thanks for listening to this first episode of Success to Significance.

I appreciate your time and attention. We live in a busy, noisy world, and for you to invest your time in learning from our Success to Significance guests, is deeply meaningful to each one of our guests and deeply meaningful to me

If there is anything I can do to help you, leave a voice message above or email me at

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