Venture Capital Firms and Angel Groups in Ohio

Borrowed from the The Gillespie Law Group BlogGillespie Law Group is a Central Ohio law firm specializing in the areas of business, technology, and tax.  Ohio has a growing wealth of venture capital firms and investors.

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June 16, 2010 by Dave Gillespie

Ohio-based startups and early-stage companies looking for capital may not have the same options as those on either coasts, but there are quite a few Venture Capital Funds and Angel Groups who have stated a focus of investing in the Midwest region and in Ohio in particular. Over twenty funds have received investment from the Ohio Capital Fund, a state-created fund of funds that requires funds they invest in to invest in Ohio. I’ve used Google Spreadsheets to compile a chart with basic information about these sources of capital. I plan to update this chart as circumstances change and as I become aware of funding sources I’ve failed to include. Please feel free to contact me or leave comments with suggestions for additional listings.

To see the chart in the Google spreadsheet, please here.

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