Do Something Amazing Today That Scares You

You Don't Grow When Things Are Easy

Success to Significance welcomes Mike Merriam, a successful executive who has become an author, consultant, and speaker. He is leading people and groups to become fully engaged and pursue meaningful lives.

Mike is a husband, father, author, speaker, and life enthusiast. His passion is showing people how to stop living unfulfilled and disengaged lives.

He brings about transformation by guiding individuals and groups to answer six fundamental questions that form the basis for gaining clarity, determining your purpose, and taking action.

Mike MerriamMike is the author of Closer Than You Think – Six Fundamental Questions to Ignite Your Personal Evolution, which is based on his consulting and leadership work. He has created a companion course, The Personal Evolution Plan, to fuel the transformation offered in the book. Mike is also a keynote speaker, mastermind participant & leader, and coach for individuals & businesses. He is the Founder & CEO of Appreciative Intelligence Inc., where he guides individuals and organizations through his leadership programs.

Just three weeks before our conversation, Mike encountered an unexpected career change when he was let go from his leadership position in the mortgage industry.

Mike evaluated his options and rather than heading back into the industry, chose to go all in on his business and hasn't looked back.

We learn on our conversation that in the year leading up to that radical change, Mike had been preparing for this next phase of his life. Even though it came sooner than expected, he was ready enough to land on his feet.

I’m confident Mike’s positive outlook, radical approach to living, and entrepreneurial drive will inspire you today.

Listen to Mike & Rick:


Mike's Thought Leadership

  • “I am a former member of the unhappy, unfulfilled and disengaged majority, living a mediocre life without meaning and purpose. I was not coming close to what I was capable of, knowing that I was capable of more… and not knowing how to bridge that gap,”
  • “I went on a journey of self development, read a bunch of books, attended seminars and hired a coach, and I started to have have massive success at my job in mortgages.”
  • “I achieved a high level of financial success and when I got there, I realized that emotional and spiritual success had not followed… I had mis-defined what success meant for me.”
  • Mike Merriam Portrait“My plan was to publish a book, launch a business [on the side], and that plan came to a screeching halt about three weeks ago. Out of nowhere, I lost my job and a significant amount of income. I made the decision right then and there that I was going to go full speed, 1o0% on my own business. I was not going to look for another job.”
  • “All of the growth and all of the experiences that I had this year have led me, have prepared me for this moment, to make the most of this adversity and to grow even further and even deeper.”
  • “Every single day, I'm faced with that fear of am I doing the right thing? am I putting my family in a bad situation? Should I put a band-aid on this or should I double down and do all the things I coach other people to do?”
  • “We need to advance business as an agent for world benefit and as an agent for world change.”
  • “80% of life is completely meaningless and inconsequential. Only 20% matters. Find the 20%, and you are going to have an amazing life.”
  • “You don't grow when things are easy”
  • “Your positive core is built around your values, strengths and priorities can be used to build a radical vision for your future. What I mean by radical is exponential.”
  • “Polls show that up to 80% of people are actively disengaged, unhappy and unfulfilled. I believe they are closer than they think to radically transforming their lives. They are just a couple of learned skills, a couple of key connections and a couple of big realizations away from true transformation.”
  • “Go out today and do something that scares you, something you've been putting off that you thought you'd never do because that's not who your are.”


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