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Set Yourself Up For Success From The Beginning; Know Your Why

Success to Significance welcomes Mary Valloni. Mary is on a mission to educate, encourage, and empower people to raise funds so they can go change the world one volunteer and one dollar at a time.

Mary has an inspiring background in the non-profit world. She started fundraising at the Special Olympics, then raised funds for the ALS Association, then for American Cancer Society. She has spearheaded efforts that have raised millions of dollars.

Mary ValloniShe founded Mary Valloni Consulting to help individuals and organizations determine and reach their fundraising goals.

Mary assists clients through one-on-one consulting, group training seminars, regular coaching calls, writing, speaking and through a self-study course on Teachable.

Mary has worked hard for her success and is building her significance one client, one life impacted, at a time.

  1. Mary worked for and created tremendous success leading a non-profit organization to raise record amounts of funding repeatedly;
  2. She recognized her strong desire to be in the non-profit world at a young age, sought out her first position in a role that many might disregard as a pathway to executive leadership
  3. She’s now leveraging her experience and continuous learning to help others reach new heights of fundraising excellence for their organizations.

Mary just published her first book, Fundraising Freedom, which focuses on the non-profit world. The fundraising and teamwork principles she outlines are applicable to all types of businesses.

In fundraising Freedom, Mary provides a concise road map to effective fundraising, detailing seven steps centered on vision and team any organization can follow to plan and capitalize on fundraising.

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Mary's Thought Leadership

  • “My sweet spot is being able to work with organizations that have not yet had much success with fundraising. I walk them through the journey from beginning to end.”
  • “There are so many individuals out there who have so much more than money to give. We all have something really great to offer. Non-profits miss out on incredible people being a pert of their organization because all they can think about is how do we get money in the door.”
  • “Most of us feel like it is important to give back and support.”
  • “I worked my way up from administrative assistant, then into a development position, then into management… I made myself [indispensable].”
  • “It's been about eight years since I had the idea for [Fundraising Freedom]. About two and half years ago, I wrote the entire outline for the book. When I resigned the position at American Cancer Society to start my own business, I felt like it was finally time for the book. It took a full year for my book to come to fruition.”
  • “If [organizations] build out a great team, they can take [fundraising] from beginning to end and not feel burned out during the process.”
  • “We aren't asking our volunteers for enough. We just don't set the expectations.”
  • Mary Valloni“If you set yourself up for success from the very the beginning, if you know your vision and your mission, and you the why of the work that you do, other people will get that, and they'll give not only their time, but their money too.”
  • “When you are recruiting your number one volunteer, that person should feel like you are serious and really want them to be a part of this.”
  • “I wanted to be a consultant since I started the non-profit work. I kept thinking I needed one more organization, I needed more experience. When my dad passed away, I thought” Why not now?”
  • “I am a huge fan of coaching. There is something about having someone by  your side who is not your spouse or your best friend who can hold your feet to the fire… Once I made that financial commitment, there was something in my spirit that said: “I'm in!”

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