How To Live Your Life Forward From Dream to Do

Be Intentional About Your Time And Your Relationships

Success to Significance welcomes Kent Julian. Like many of our guests, he quit a great job to become an entrepreneur. His vision is to help one million people Live It Forward by 2025.

Kent invested his life in the non-profit world, specifically the church world for 20 years. He was a youth pastor and by his early 30's was the executive director of a national youth organization that worked with 2,000 youth groups across America.

Kent JulianToday he’s a professional speaker, author, and coach. You can find his articles in places like Entrepreneur, Success, Huffington Post, and the GoodMenProject and many other places.

Kent has been Married 25 years, and has a son and twin daughters, all of whom are college age.  We talk about the importance of family throughout our conversation.

Live It Forward PodcastKent also has a top-notch podcast, called the Live It Forward Podcast. Each week, Kent shares actionable insights that will help you to understand how you can live in such a way that you realize your dreams.

Kent has a cool vision to help one million people LIVE IT FORWARD by the year 2025. He’s building his company to accomplish just that.

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Kent's Thought Leadership

  • “So many people have really big dreams in their personal lives, their financial lives and their careers. People get stuck dreaming about it and never do anything about it.”
  • “We help people who already have clarity, but they don't know how to move from “I want to do this” to actually doing it. We help them with the mechanics, the tools and the systems to market themselves, how do I grow a business, how do work not just in the business, but on the business. We help people do that.
  • Sticktoitiveness is your greatest competitive advantage. If I am passionate enough to say that “No matter how long this takes, or how hard this is, I'm going to make it” I can beat the vast majority of my competition just by hanging with it.
  • Kent Julian“Most people have Squirrel Syndrome. They're really excited about something, they're focused on it. If it doesn't happen in six to twelve months, they are on to something else. In reality, it is an 18 to 36 month process to move from a dream to a business where you are making money.”
  • “There's no downside to going after your dreams. As long as you don't bet the farm, 18-26 months down the road, you will know yourself better, you'll gave better contacts, you'll know more information, you'll have better skills. The likelihood of something positive opening for you is through the roof.”
  • “Most of the time, people are working on things that are not really that important. Productivity is not getting a lot of things done, it's getting what matters most done.”
  • “I don't do to-do lists; I do 20/80 lists. When I'm blocking out time to work for the day, I block certain times to do 20% work, and everything else gets blocked out of that time. Just that one little strategy will make a huge difference in your productivity; you get done what really matters most.”
  • “Lead your life from the quiet. Create time and space in your life to plan your day, to write goals, to work on goals, to work on your purpose.
  • “I not only want to keep my family, I want to invest really, really well. I'm at all of my kids' main events. I have a great relationship with my wife and kids.”
  • “My priorities are God first, family second, and career third. I don't say this arrogantly, I say this with the right kind of pride: I am very proud to say that Ive honored those priorities in my life. Not perfectly, but I've really been intentional about that.”
  • “We think of the destination as success. It's not. Success is the process of living, of living well. Even if the journey doesn't end up as I think it will end up, there is no downside to the journey. You meet new people, learn new skills, you;ll be better at what you're doing, new opportunities will open up.”
  • “15 years is coming one way or the other. You can be doing what you love, or you can still be doing what you are doing now.” – Dan Miller


Links to Resources Mentioned

Tape Breakers Tide Turners and Fundraising FreedomShout out to previous and future guests of the Success to Significance Podcast:

  • Tape Breakers by Jim Akers, named one of the Top Five 2016 books by Coach George Raveling
  • Tide Turners by Cardiff Hall, publishing right after this episode releases
  • Fund Raising Freedom by Mary Valloni, publishing right after this episode releases

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