Strategic Thinking Truth: You Will Create A Breakthrough Life

Success to Significance welcomes Mike Kim, who is building his business one strategic step at a time. Mike leverages his executive background to help clients brand, position and market themselves.

Mike is a marketing consultant, communications strategist, and copywriter. He is also an in-demand speaker. Mike coaches clients on organizational strategy, marketing, positioning, product launches, personal branding, and self-development.

Mike Kim PortraitPrior to going out on his own, Mike was worship pastor of a large church in Connecticut and has extensive experience writing and performing music for small and large audiences.

In 2012, he joined a company as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). During the three years he was was CMO, the company went from a six-figure business to multiple seven-figures.

Mike Kim Brand YouMike is host of the popular Brand You podcast, which is focused on personal branding. I encourage you to subscribe; it is full of insight that goes well beyond just marketing or branding.

Mike's refreshing approach brings insight to every episode.

As a business owner, Mike leverages what he learned and put into practice as CMO to help coaches, consultants, companies and speakers define, market and monetize their message.

Mike also has a passion for helping professionals move from stuck to free, coaching them as they make the leap from their day job to launching a successful business.


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Mike's Thought Leadership

  • People want to do work that they actually love and believe in. They want their lives to be significant, and that's why they're pursuing that path. They just don't know the nuts an bolts of building, marketing and positioning a business.
  • There is a time to consume [content] and a time to create. There are times when you have to maximize plans and minimize actions, and there are times when you have minimize plans and maximize actions.
  • What I do for ongoing learning is, I look at what I think I need to know 3-6 months from now that will move my business forward.
  • When I was trying to launch out into my own business, I was taking a few copy writing clients on the side. Before I knew it, I had four bosses rather than just one.
  • Mike KimI focused on what I could do to earn an extra $500 a month without multiplying the hours, without hiring myself out to another boss. I know I f I could do that for three months in a row, I would crack the code and I would learn how to exponential y increase income. That process took about a year.
  • I went straight for the premium clients, for the higher paying contracts because I realized I didn't have to accept anything below a certain amount of money.
  • You are getting paid to make somebody else very wealthy.
  • I [recognized] I didn't build into my business enough recurring revenue. That was a central point of failure. I had to make sure to leveraging my exposure and expertise, creating a few products, growing an email list so that whenever I needed a quick infusion of cash, I could reach out [to my audience] for a design or copy writing project or a quick sale of a product and create revenue, almost on demand. Once I did that, I was able to match my day job income and then eventually surpass it, and leave my day job.
  • Business is all about cash flow. It's oxygen to business. I very rarely take actions that I can't trace two or three steps down the road to cash flow.
  • When I went through my pivot, I felt crazy. I felt alone. I felt like my wife didn't understand; I felt like I didn't understand. That's why I created the Pivot Profiles Magazine“.


Links to Resources Mentioned


  • The Victory Lab – Successful marketing for political campaigns applicable to business.
  • Product Launch Formula – Jeff Walker's shares his proven strategies, useful examples, and step-by-step instructions. It's everything you need to launch your business and products.

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Mike's Resources:Mike Kim Pivot Profiles

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