Success to Significance With Rick Coplin

Success to Significance features a shortened episode this week. Rick Coplin explains why we have no guest and encourages you to listen to three other excellent podcasts.

Listen to a shortened Episode with Rick Coplin


In this episode, I recommend three stellar podcasts they are:

  • Ken Davis' The Art and Business of Public Speaking with a guest presentation from Michele Cushatt: The Gift of Good Communication.
  • Kary Oberbrunner's Igniting Souls Podcast. Kary has grown a business to over 7 figures in just a few short years. His podcast is full of thought provoking, actionable advice. Find it HERE.
  • Kent Julian's Live It Forward Podcast. All episodes are excellent, and in Episode 25, Ken lays out better than anyone how success and significance are intertwined. You can access all episodes, starting with the latest one, HERE.


We're back in full force next week with Jason Barger, who has an amazing story, not the least of which is turning down a job with the Chicago Bulls right out of college to work with an organization that runs a summer camp. He's had an amazing, nearly two decade journey since then. I know you'll like what Jason has to say.


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