One Entrepreneur’s Business Failure Leads To Breakthrough Success

Seasons Change And Pivots Are A Part Of Lives And Careers

Success to Significance welcomes Brian Mininger, who experienced a catastrophic business failure that affected dozens of families. He has a great story of re-birth and new focus.

Brian was leading a successful construction company and was flying high when the downturn of 2008/2009 hit hard.

His company was over-leveraged and he had to layoff employees over several months, then shut down and let go his remaining employees two weeks before Christmas.

Brian MiningerHis business failure affected not only him, but dozens of families. It took Brian two years to begin to recover emotionally.

Brian pursued an entrepreneurial path, consulting, writing, podcasting and seeking to build a new life. A wise mentor encouraged him to return to construction.

Re-Birth and New Focus

He re-discovered his passion for building, not just properties, but for building people.

Today he works for that mentor and is leading the new company to remarkable growth, on track to hit $10 million this year, with the goal of reaching $100 million in five years.

Brian and Victoria MiningerAlong the way he’s learned a great deal about himself, company ownership, leading teams and being a husband and being a father to four teenage daughters.

Brian says that life is better than ever because of the trials he has experienced and overcome.

Brian’s story is one of success, failure, depression, rebirth and renewed purpose.


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Brian's Thought Leadership

  • Some people do paintings, sculptures and other types of things. For me, construction and even the building of companies is my art. It's my creative outlet.
  • I found a passion for building a business that I never knew I had.
  • I grew our company rapidly, but was too leveraged to survive the economic downturn in the US during 2008-2009.
  • After the business failure, I entered a dark period for a couple of years. I struggled to function.
  • What I do day in and day out is use skills I am good at. I'm able to help put people to work, and I'm able to connect with people that I didn't connect with at the church.
  • Brian Mininger PortraitAs entrepreneurs we pour our heart and soul into our business. That company was very much my identity. I had poured everything I had into it, my energy, my time, my personal resources. That was my success. That was how I was known. When it crumbled, I was also known as the guy that had failed.
  • I was burning the candles at both ends. Where the cracks started show was in my wife and family.
  • My company folded two weeks before Christmas. I had to tell everybody that we were done. Everybody's jobs were over. These were my friends. My brother was sitting in the room.
  • It's a lot of where my passions comes from now, because I am putting people to work. I stepped on a job site the other day and [realized] there are thirty families who are getting their livelihood through this project.
  • I realize this is part of a season. I love what I'm doing right now. Will I be doing this 10 years from now? I don't know. I've learned enough to know that seasons change and pivots are a part of my life and career. I'm OK with that.
  • He said to me you haven't come back completely yet. This is your opportunity to come back from what you went through and to lay the groundwork for success in the future.
  • I'm learning to let go. What I'm realizing is that I am involved in a company that is rapidly growing to a scale beyond where I've ever been before, my tendency to jump in and do things for people that I should let them, do and let them learn, is a hindrance. I can't do that [considering] where we are headed.
  • If I'm going to succeed where I'm going, which is where I've never been before, then I'm going to have to learn anywhere I can.


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