How To Be A Raging Sloth And Free Yourself For Success

Life May Not Be What You Expected, But That Doesn't Mean It Can't Turn Out Extraordinary

Success to Significance welcomes Eric Eaton, who had his career interrupted, not once, but twice by chronic pain. Eric became the “Raging Sloth” by re-framing success on his own terms.

Eric is a business leader, former lead pastor of his church, philanthropist, and author. Eric and his wife have three active kids and lead a typical busy life.

Raging Sloth by Eric EatonEric has recently written The Raging Sloth – An Upside-Down Blueprint to Bust Your Limits, Build Your Purpose, and Balance Your Life to help others navigate and leverage their chronic pain and other limitations into success and significance.

His career was interrupted, not once, but twice by chronic pain. His medical condition made it impossible to keep up with colleagues physically and mentally. The demands of a high profile consulting career that bracketed a taxing career as a lead pastor of a large church, proved to be too much against the backdrop of pain and the inconsistency of being “up” or “down” any given day.

Eric's life changed when he changed his mindset and re-framed success in his terms to leverage his disability rather than suffer under it. He became the Raging Sloth.

You'll be amazed at his story of interruption, pain, guilt, and re-creation. Eric's story will inspire you!

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Eric's Thought Leadership

  • I had to tell my kids: Daddy's not the same. I can't react the same. I can't deal with situations the same. It was literally the hardest conversation I've ever had.
  • Part of my struggle was my definition of success … I was trying to live someone else's definition of success.
  • It was humbling to ask others to help me. Things that I could before without even thinking about it.
  • You're viewing it as a failure, because I'm not meeting a certain standard of success, even applied by myself. Even though I don't really know where that idea came from. It appeared through tradition, growing up, and others' expectations.
  • Finding my purpose in life – what am I created to do – was the first step in the process [of recovery].
  • Eric Eaton Raging SlothGuilt is a big issue with people who live in pain. We put a lot of guilt on ourselves because we can't live like everyone else. That's so detrimental to people who live with challenges.
  • When you're not healthy, you HAVE to redefine success, which means your dreams may change, your idea of success may change, your goals may change. But that's OK.
  • There are days when I feel good. There are other days when I'm raging and can do whatever I can. That's a reality of my pain – there is a lot of inconsistency with it.
  • My wife had to watch me become a different person, for better or for worse. The person she said “I do” to, was the not the person I became as I went through this incredibly painful process.
  • Life may not turn out the way you expected, but that doesn't mean it can't turn out to be extraordinary.
  • Living a Life of pain and challenge you can get so consumed with yourself, and so consumed with your own struggle. If you're in that situation, you GOT to find a way to give back.
  • We overlook the impact of giving back in our own lives. It takes the focus off of your suffering. It puts life in perspective. I encourage everyone to give back, regardless of your situation.
  • Regardless of where you are in life, you still have so much to give, so much to  offer. The world needs to hear you.


Links to Resources Mentioned

  • Author Academy EliteKary Oberbrunner's Author Academy Elite (AAE). Eric leveraged AAE to write Raging Sloth. Hundreds of others have written their books through AAE. This link is to a webinar that will explain AAE in detail.
  • My Book BlueprintInterested in writing a book, but don't quite know where to start? Try this 7-day email program that has the information you need to get started: My Book Blueprint
  • Igniting Souls Conference - Becoming UnhackableEric and I, plus about 150 other people who are growing and changing our world will be at the Igniting Souls Conference this fall. Why don't you join us?
  • Knights Of Heroes Foundation – Founded in honor of Air Force Major Troy Gilbert, who left two boys and his wife behind when he was killed in action on November 27, 2006 over Iraq while engaged in support of coalition ground combat operations.
    • Major Troy GilbertKnights of Heroes tenants: Be Responsible, Be a Leader, Be Proactive, Be Bold, Be Boundless.

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