How To Build A Successful Business One Step At A Time

"I Don't Want To Do Something Just To Make Money If There Is No Impact"

Success to Significance welcomes Jonathan Milligan, a former teacher and recruiter who has built a successful online business helping others create the life and work they love.

Jonathan Milligan is like many of us, in that his avocation evolved through a series of less-than-planned jobs, setbacks and successes. He started his career as a teacher and after a few years, transitioned to recruiting in the finance and insurance industry.

Jonathan Milligan Blogging Your PassionHe then began blogging about recruiting as a way to build his platform in the industry. During this time, Jonathan developed his first online product, Job Search Mastermind, to help people search for and negotiate their next positions. This product was his first glimpse of the potential for helping a global audience and producing revenue.

More digital products followed, and Jonathan and his wife made the decision in 2009 that he would become a full time entrepreneur.

At each step along the way, Jonathan was adding knowledge and skills that enabled him to begin blogging and creating digital products full time. One of his missions is “To help 1,000 bloggers to go full time within the next five years.

The 15 Success Traits of Pro BloggersIn 2015, Jonathan published his first book, The 15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers: A Proven Roadmap to Becoming a Full-Time Blogger. This is an excellent resource on the principles of success for every entrepreneur.

Other books are in the works, so stay tuned!

Today, Jonathan runs a successful online business, creating digital products and courses, leading a membership site, Blogging Your Passion University, and hosting the Blogging Your Passion Podcast.

He is an advocate of building a portable family-oriented business. Jonathan is an Encourager. He generously teaches others how they can follow his example to create a lifestyle business.

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Jonathan's Thought Leadership

  • “It was a long series of working at it and building a business brick by brick over time. Each year, each month got a little better and a little better.”
  • “I was pretty much your regular put on your tie, go to work everyday, do the best that you can, build a business guy. I wanted to have impact in a bigger way.”
  • “We live in a mentor or coach economy. We can take the things we are passionate about, the things that we know, the experiences we've had, and we can help thousands upon thousands of people.”
  • “It starts by getting things out there, packaging your knowledge and expertise, offering services … trying things and putting them out there to find out what resonates with people.”
  • Jonathan Milligan“What I've done, anybody can do. If you have the heart of a teacher and want to mentor & coach, you can do it.”
  • “Get in the game and start taking action, You get better as you move along.”
  • “Trust and Authority come from a lifetime of serving others.”
  • “Money buys time. When you create things that people can purchase without you giving of your time, it can create time back for you … I choose to invest that time with my family.”
  • “If I have been successful [at business] and I have failed as a parent or a spouse, I don't see that I am successful.”
  • “Learning feels like progress, but it's not necessarily progress. We have to back it up with action.”
  • “An opportunity may come calling, but if it doesn't line up with up with your core values of what you want your business to look like, then don't make that choice.”


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