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Success to Significance welcomes Trivinia Barber, who worked inside a corporation, then designed her position to be able to work from home, then became a virtual assistant, learned the ropes, started and now owns Priority VA.

Trivinia started Priority VA as she realized she could run a business that met her needs and her family's needs. Also, Trivinia has built Priority VA to be an employer that enables women who desire to remain in the workforce as they start families to achieve their professional goals.

Trivinia and Chris have four children, serve as foster parents and are passionate followers of Jesus Christ. Their oldest daughter is home-schooled and helps in the business. Their two middle children go to regular school, and their youngest is in preschool. The Barbers have built their schedule to maximize time with their kids.

Priority VA LogoPriority VA has grown to 54 Virtual Assistants who support speakers, authors, physicians, bloggers and other professionals with a variety of top-notch services. Trivinia has built a core team, including her husband Chris, that is fueling Priority VA's accelerating growth.

To start her business, she worked 16-17 hours a day. As the business has matured, Trivinia has reduced that intentionally for her better health and to invest more time with her family.

One of Trivinia's tag lines is “Don't do it alone” and she is leading the example of that mantra in her business, for her VA team, for her clients, and in her personal life.

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Trivinia's Thought Leadership

  • When I had my first child, I introduced the idea of working virtually to my employer… and did that for about six years until child #3 was born.
  • Working at home around my family for so long, it just was not an option to go back into the office. That's when I really became a VA/entrepreneur.
  • It took us about two years of me working as a VA to decide we could turn it into a business.
  • I want to be in the trenches with my VAs; I enjoy doing the work and being right alongside them and understanding their pain points. On the flip side, I very much understand what the clients are going through too, of how to hire team members and grow a business.
  • Trivinia Barber Priority VAI get at certain points in being the CEO of Priority VA, where it pushes the boundaries. My expectations change of what I want from my team, or my needs change. That helps me understand from a client perspective when the VA we have matched with them doesn't fit anymore because their business is changing or scaling and they need a different skill set. It's helped me so much; I used to get hurt; my feelings would be hurt. Now, [I know] it's just business. It's helped me to understand the needs of different businesses and how they change.
  • I'm the CEO. I call the shots. It is interesting and challenging waters to navigate when I turn off from CEO, and I turn on as wife. I really enjoy that space of being his wife and the mother of our children.
  • My number one strength is Responsibility. My 34th is adaptability; I hate when the plan changes. Because I'm responsible, I am forced to course correct all the time. Chris' number one is adaptability. It really helps that we work together. When I'm flipping out as the plan is changing, Chris is as cool as a cucumber, and everything is OK… That's when he takes the lead; his strength lies in [constant] pivoting.
  • I have struggled immensely with turning off. I don't turn off. This year, 2016, is the year we decided I had to create some boundaries for myself. Because it was mixing too much; I wasn't as present as I needed to be, my mind was always on work. We implemented changes … so I could be present with our kids.
  • Working with your spouse in a family business is challenging. I'm at the point now where I don't even fake it. I don't act like it's roses and sunshine because it is hard.
  • Trivinia Barber Priority VAI get to mastermind with some of my high-level clients anytime I am on a call with them. They ask how my business is going, and inevitably they can't help but coach.
  • The Mastermind has helped us with our marriage. It has helped us with our communication; the way we frame problems in the mastermind is the same framework we use in our family.
  • One of the things that has been the biggest changes in my business is surrounding myself with people who don't agree with me. I need that… I need people who are willing to push me out of my comfort zone with what I am willing to consider. Some of the best business ideas I've are a result of conversations with people who didn't agree with me.
  • I wanted to stop being all things to all people. I wanted to either attract the right type of client for us or repel the wrong client for us. I started talking a lot more about ‘this is work'; it's work for the client and its work for the VA. Everyone has to contribute at a high level for this to work.
  • I was becoming a slave to our business … we had to decide I am in control here, and I had almost forgotten that. God has allowed me to have these really interesting, hard, challenging times so that I can relate to the people I am serving in a different way.
  • There are a lot of disadvantages to being an entrepreneur, but people only want to hear the good stuff…. I tell people the nitty-gritty so they can make an informed decision of what they are getting into instead of that glamorized one that the world wants us to see. There are not ‘seven happy hops' to a six-figure income.


Interested in seeing if a Virtual Assistant is right for you and your business?

  1. 50 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant - Priority VAStart with 50 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant to generate ideas on what you can outsource.
  2. Fill out Priority VA's Consultation Questionnaire, then a member of Trivinia's team will contact you to schedule a video consultation.


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Thank You

Thanks for listening to this episode of Success to Significance. Trivinia is a special person: CEO, Wife, Mom, Leader. She freely admits it's not easy.

She embraces the entrepreneurial lifestyle and challenges that come with it, knowing that her business is a tremendous asset to her clients and more importantly, knowing it enables the best opportunities for her family.


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