Is It Crazy To Leave Security And Try Something New?

The Question We Rarely Ask People About Is What's Their Why

Success to Significance welcomes Kyle Keldsen, who re-discovered his love of speaking and has leveraged his success to coach others as they become students of presenting well.

Kyle invested many years enjoying a successful career as a technical trainer and sales person with several firms, a leader in technology sales with Atrion Networking alongside CEO Tim Hebert – a world-class IT services organization of learners and thought leaders.

He didn’t believe he was fully utilizing all of his talents or the purposes for which he was designed. Kyle began planning a transition to enable him to find a vocation that more closely aligned with his passions & abilities.

As the first step in that process, he made a life-changing decision to transition out of technology sales. Kyle joined The Local Search Company, a company that manages localization for businesses, online reputations, and mobile marketing campaigns.

Kyle Keldsen ToastmastersAlmost simultaneously, Kyle invested in his new directions by attending conferences and learning from industry leaders, most recently, he has completed Harvard University’s Leadership Coaching Strategies program so that he can best meet client needs.

Kyle joined ToastMasters and became a leader in that volunteer organization, continuing to hone his speaking and leadership skills.

He dipped his toes into the entrepreneurial world, founding Aligned Intent, then decided to join a team that aligns with his values and provides extensive opportunities for personal and professional growth and impact. Note: In the latter half of 2016, Kyle decided to go back out on his own and is now full time with his company, Aligned Intent.

Kyle's path to significance has enabled him to impact people on a direct and personal level.

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Chariots of Fire

Kyle brought up the movie Chariots of Fire early in or conversation, to highlight the quote where Eric Liddell says that when he runs, he “feels God's pleasure.” Here's the clip and in the “links to resources mentioned” section is an Amazon link to buy the movie – I recommend it!


Kyle's Thought Leadership

  • For me, when I’m doing what I’m doing now, which is coaching people to be better communicators and public speakers, I feel His pleasure.
  • When you invest in somebody directly either in a no-on-one or in a class, and you are coaching them to better performance, it doesn't impact just their professional life; it impacts their personal life as well.
  • Because a sales career is so all encompassing, I really [didn’t] have cycles to think about what I really wanted to do or what God may have wanted me to do.
  • Kyle KeldsenI don't think it would be right for me to say [my wife] was encouraging me to leave, but she was willing to for me take the risk, to jump out of that airplane and hope the parachute opened in time to avoid financial ruin.
  • They already had established clients; they were adjacent enough to what I was thinking about doing that I thought it made sense. I could benefit them and refine my speaking skills as well.
  • It just made logical sense to rather than to try to create something on my own that might take me years to get to the point they've gotten to jump in and be a part of an amazing team.
  • [When speaking], you have to ask two important questions: What did I do well and What specifically can I improve? Most people don't ask that second question, so they just get the feedback on what they did well. We get them to ask that second question, to really make leaps in their performance.
  • The more prepared you are, the better you will execute.
  • If you are going to do any change like this regardless of how excited you might be about it if you have a spouse, they need to be in on the decision and the process.  Otherwise, you are probably going to fail.
  • We talked together, we prayed together, we had lots of conversations about it. It sounds fairly reckless, but it wasn't a reckless decision in our case.
  • Most people would think it is crazy to walk away from a successful career to try something new. So, I'm excited to have accomplished that with the support of my bride. We were both willing to make that leap.
  • You really need a team even as an entrepreneur to be successful on a larger scale.
  • The question that we rarely ask people about is what’s their Why… If we spent more time asking those questions of each other, we'd all be richer both professionally and personally.


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