Employee to Stay-At-Home-Dad to Leading A 7-Figure Business – Part II

Focus On The Outcome You Want To Achieve

Success to Significance welcomes back David Branderhorst, who left a banking career to be a full-time dad. As his kids entered school, he pursued entrepreneurial opportunities and now impacts people on a global scale.

David worked with directly with the CFO and CEO of a regional bank and his wife had a successful career of her own. They had a baby, then had twins. There were cracks showing in the foundation of their marriage due to stress and exhaustion.

David realized the outcome he and his wife wanted went far beyond survival.

They agreed he should “walk away” from his career to invest his time as dad to his three children while his wife continued her career.

When the kids were old enough to go to school, David began to search for a new career, but realized he wanted more than just a job.

He eventually partnered with Kary Oberbrunner to build Igniting Souls, where he helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they are here, and where they should invest their time and energy.

Listen to Part II

  • David's role in the Igniting Souls organization.
  • The goal of the programs David and his partner are developing.
  • What impact means.
  • Where David finds his reward.
  • Why focusing on outcome enables you to make wise decisions.

And, If You Haven't Yet, Listen to Part I

  • David's transition from career to stay at home dad to entrepreneur.
  • David's relationship development with his business partner Kary Oberbrunner and how they work together.
  • The differences in stresses between career success, full time fatherhood and entrepreneurship.
  • David's reinvention of himself, finding his identity.

You can find David's thoughts from the first episode HERE.


David's Thought Leadership

  • The goal of creating programs is to get results. They key to making this work is to focus on the outcome you are helping people get to.
  • When people go through these [programs] and you see them get clear on it. The reward internally is huge, because you know that not only did you get the benefit of going through these steps and learning and growing in these areas, but now you have impacted a lot of other people's lives.
  • People get stuck on building infrastructure first. It's a mistake to start there. You first want to have impact on people's lives.
  • David BranderhorstAny entrepreneur that does what they do solely for the money, is not going to last very long. Ultimately what you are getting is green paper. It can never buy you fulfillment.
  • We are meant to be a voice in the world of hope; we are meant to be a voice of it doesn't have to be that way, it can be better.
  • The success we have had as an organization is directly tied to the progress I have made as an individual. For us to go forward, for us to be more impactful, for us to help more people, for us to have a bigger influence on the world, I have to change first.
  • I invest in myself. In products and programs that challenge the way I think …and make me better. I am chasing transformation, and I know not only is my life different, but I can pass it on.
  • The change in my family, with my relationships with my wife and kids, [has been] radical… I had to unlearn a lot of things… I started to focus on outcomes.


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Books:Deepr Path Kary OberbrunnerYour Secret Name Kary OberbrunnerDay Job to Dream Kary Oberbrunner



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