How To Handle Success When It Nearly Kills You

"I Was Down For A Complete Month; Your Own Mortality Comes Into Play"

Success to Significance welcomes Andrew Moon, a serial entrepreneur, strategist, and speaker. We talk over-working, pursuing health in a healthy manner, and throttling back to stay alive.


Andrew Moon is a long time friend of mine and an entrepreneur that I look up to for his determination, grit, and hustle. He has launched and run several successful businesses.

He is better known as the “Orange Nomad” and has been an entrepreneur his entire life.

Andrew's drive to succeed nearly killed him, and he had to throttle back to pursue greater life balance, which enabled him to focus on what really matters. Andrew has found that his path through success to significance is enhanced by putting family first.

Andrew sold his business, Network Logix, as he realized there was no way to backtrack and reign his workload in, and sustain a manageable rate of work or growth unless he fired most of his clients. Conducting in-person seminars and using LinkedIn to reach the right people enabled Andrew to more than double sales in the last year he owned Network Logix.

He is using what he learned during that tine to develop a marketing system built around LinkedIn to help other entrepreneurs do the same for their businesses.


Andrew's Thought Leadership

  • Orange is the color of a good mood.
  • Engaging a coach and participating in a coaching program enables you to learn about how to operate your business and how to systematize, which creates new opportunities.
  • Andrew Moon Orange NomadThe key to successfully starting, growing, and selling a business is to build systems around everything. Anything that is repeatable, build a system. Systematizing enables you to get consistent operational and sales results.
  • The systems mindset changed for me how I operated and scaled my business. Instead of working in my business, I was working on my business.
  • I systematize the craziness and help you get stuff done!
  • That work ethic, working 60-80 hours a week, catches up with you. I was down for an entire month; your own mortality comes into play.
  • At the end of the day, if you have a business, and you are successful as an entrepreneur, but you don't have your family with you, it's not worth it.
  • “I was working out six days a week… I was eating as healthy as I could, but yet that's the worst my health has been – ever. What led up to it? The stress, the work, the lack of sleep. Your body can only handle that so much.
  • “My different approach now, is that I am able to see those signs [in myself] and other entrepreneurs I work with today.


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Thank You

Thanks for listening to this episode of Success to Significance. Andrew Moon is a thoughtful, hard-working entrepreneur that built a great business, but lost his health along the way. He was able to recover with the help and insight of his wife, Stephanie, plus a great deal of soul searching while re-balancing his life.

I appreciate your time and attention. We live in a busy, noisy world, and for you to invest your time in learning from our Success to Significance guests, is deeply meaningful to each one of our guests and deeply meaningful to me

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