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Success to Significance welcomes Cynthia Claire, whose career is characterized by volunteering, calculated risks, and continuous learning. Cynthia’s thought leadership, insights, and enthusiasm make for a memorable conversation.

Today we talk with Cynthia Claire, who invested over 25 years in her corporate careers and began to pursue her passions inside the last company she worked for.

That pursuit led to internal coaching opportunities on a global scale and opportunities to impact thousands of fellow employees.

Cynthia left her executive position to form her own company and is now an in-demand speaker, author, and coach who is changing lives and businesses.

Divorce to Divine by Cynthia ClaireCynthia has recently published her first book, Divorce to Divine: Becoming the Fabulous Person You Were Intended to Be. In Divorce to Divine, Cynthia uses her experiences and her gift of coaching to guide you through the process from divorce to learning about yourself, your strengths, and your unique abilities.

Cynthia is living proof that divorce doesn’t define you, rather it can be the beginning of redefining yourself.

She is a proponent of focusing on your strengths and compensating for weaknesses. The reality is if we focus on our weaknesses to make them stronger, we invest our time and energy in an area where we are not going to be excellent. Our strengths do not benefit, and our weaknesses improve only slightly. As a result, we simply become and remain average.


Cynthia’s Thought Leadership

  • Cynthia ClaireWe can understand what our strengths are, recognize that, understand what our weaknesses are, recognize that. But the reality is if we take our focus off of our strengths, the strengths don't become any stronger, the weaknesses become a little bit stronger, and we become average.
  • Let's really figure out what you're good at. Define your strengths. Define how to apply them. How they can be easily used and leveraged, personally and professionally so that you're happy.
  • It's really a good idea to volunteer.
  • I would volunteer for things strategically. Things that I could learn. Learn a new skill, or meet new people. And also things that my boss would support.
  • I took the big leap and followed my heart and my passion to go pursue being a “Strengths Evangelist” on my own.
  • My faith was a huge part of it; it helped to guide me to this adventure.
  • Often, when there's a major change in your life, you freeze. You become paralyzed because you don't know what to do. My job is to focus on your strengths, recognize what those are, embrace them, and how to use those to get yourself moving forward in a productive way.
  • If I can make one person a day feel better about themselves, and recognize and embrace their strengths, then my purpose is served.


Links to Resources Mentioned:

Strengths Finder 2 by Tom RathWe invested significant time talking about Strengths Finder and the Assessment associated with the book to identify your strengths. Cynthia is a “Strengths Evangelist”, which means that she wants to make sure that people are focused on the right thing. Not their weaknesses, but their strengths. That they understand how to talk about them, embrace them, and love the unique qualities of their innate strengths to become the best person that they're intended to be.

I took the Strengths Finder Assessment shortly after our conversation and learned a great deal about myself that I am both still processing and putting into action. Cynthia is an excellent coach and capably uses Strengths Finder to bring out the best in you.


Living Your Strengths - WinsmanWe also talked about a second book, Living Your Strengths.

Living Your Strengths addresses how to use your strengths in your church community, and also where strengths are specifically found in scripture.

There's also a code in Living Your Strengths to take your Strength Finder Assessment.


Dream Giver - Bruce WilkersonCynthia briefly talked about the book The Dream Giver that inspired her to follow her dreams.

It's about all of those people that are going to try to keep you from pursuing your dream because they're scared of pursuing theirs. They don't want you to leave the familiar and the ordinary, because then they'll know that they're going to be left there.

It was really an interesting story and great analogies that helped me realize that I need to call a fear a fear, recognize what it is, set it aside, and move forward. That needs to be a conscious effort.

Cynthia mentioned a free offer with her book that is a twenty-minute complimentary consultation. To request that consultation, send an email to In the subject line, please put “Free Consultation.”

Cynthia volunteers with Godman Guild, a not-for-profit organization that works with individuals between the age of sixteen and twenty-four who are unemployed and from a disadvantaged background. They provide them with skills and education and internship opportunities to get a job and become productive members of the community.


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