Jim’s Destiny was Successful CEO, Then Life Intervened

If You Put Your Family First You'll Never Be Disappointed

Success to Significance welcomes Jim Akers, a highly successful executive. Jim was on track to be CEO of a $1 Billion company when life and, more importantly, Jim's priorities interrupted those plans.

Success to Significance PodcastThis is Episode 002 and in it we highlight Jim Akers, a highly successful executive who left the corporate world because of his commitment to a friend and a higher purpose.

Jim’s integrity, priorities, thoughtful approach to business, planning next steps, taking risks, supporting a vital cause and intentionally living will inspire you.

Jim has recently published Tape Breakers, How To Maximize Your Impact With People You Love, Teams You Lead and Causes that Stir Your Heart.

Tape Breakers - Jim AkersTape Breakers is a book which, in many ways, defines how those moving through success to significance can do so intentionally.

Jim uses the metaphor of successive races over the course of one's life to illustrate how we can move to greater levels of significance as we gain experience and intentionally pursue new opportunities.

Listen: Jim's Destiny was Successful CEO, Then Life Intervened

Jim is now running his next race a race that is highly significant to he and his wife and a race which is enabling him to make an impact for a neglected and often helpless segment of our population.


Jim's Thought Leadership

  • Jim Akers…stepping out of the last role that I had, I had 1,200 employees and was running a $1,000,000,000 distributions business. There was no reason for me to think I was important, I knew I was important.
  • Finding that door closed…was really difficult. Guess what Jim? That door is closed, it's locked, it's not opening so figure out what's next.
  • These multiple races are really about blending sometimes very complicated parts of our lives…The question is not to let the inertia of it happen and say just let it unfold because that's what I do every day but to recognize how am I purposeful and intentional about these various races?
  • It was the moments where I slowed down to see what was going on in the lives of the people that I worked with that are still the most memorable and impactful for me.
  • “No one has our unique place in the world to positively impact the people we love and the teams we lead. Nobody. That's our job, if we don't step up do that who's going to do it? Nobody.”
  • “Stay alert, there are people that cross our path every day are there for a reason. Don't let 'em pass without saying, “Hmm, how can I change or affect their life? How could I serve them today?””


Links to Resources Mentioned:

Jim mentioned his work with Kary Oberbrunner while writing Tape Breakers. Both Jim and I have participated in Kary's Author Academy Elite program. Jim published Tape Breakers through the program and I am publishing Pitch With Purpose through the program later this year.

My Book Blueprint Kary OberbrunnerKary offers an excellent 7-Day email course on publishing a book that will get you started with the right resources to begin writing your book. Check out My Book Blueprint.


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I appreciate your time and attention. We live in a busy, noisy world, and for you to invest your time in learning from Jim, is deeply meaningful to both Jim and me.

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