Get Out Before They Carry You Out!

"To Me, Success Means You Are No Longer A Victim"

Success to Significance welcomes Steve Schulze, a 31-year government employee who “retired” to pursue a more personally fulfilling and significant career. His gripping story will resonate on many levels.

Today on The Success to Significance Podcast, we welcome Steve Schulze. Steve is a remarkable individual who I've known just for a few months.

Steve is the Founder and President of Sure Foundation Strategies.

Steve had had enough last year, and at the beginning of 2016, “retired.” He is now pursuing a new, more personally fulfilling and significant career. He had been leading and coaching fellow employees for his company for several years; now he’s doing it on his own.

Listen: Get Out Before They Carry You Out!

Steve's focus is to inspire people to achieve excellence through the fostering of authentic relationships and trust, which he refers to as the Art of Leadership. Today, Steve is on a mission to help others do the same. I know you’ll resonate with his story as he unpacks it for us.

Three Favorite Quotes:

Steve Schulze

  • I started right in on this stuff, and I went at it full bore. And I dove in so deep that I got completely out of alignment. I didn't see it, but boy, my wife did again.
  • Right now, I can't wait to get up in the morning and go to work.
  • Focus on what really matters. And that is your family. Don't neglect that.”


Links to Resources Mentioned:

Shawshank RedemptionSteve mentioned the movie Shawshank Redemption. It has become one of my favorite movies, and as Steve points out in our conversation, he figured out which character represents his life. He saw himself as Red, but found out he was more like Tommy.

Steve wanted to be like Andy and escape his prison.

Igniting Souls Conference - Becoming UnhackableWe talked about the Igniting Souls Conference, which has had a significant impact on both of us. The theme this year is “Becoming Unhackable”, and the focus is on removing obstacles from your life that keep you from moving forward. Steve and I will be there this Fall.

I highly recommend you invest in yourself and attend. Click the link to learn more and register for the Igniting Souls Conference.

If you decide to attend, let us know, and we'll save a seat for you and introduce you to many of the great entrepreneurs who are participating.


Deepr Path Kary OberbrunnerSteve also mentioned an online course offered by Kary Oberbrunner based on his book The Deeper Path. I engaged Kary four years ago as a coach and participated in a live cohort for Deeper Path.

It has changed my life and the lives of the nine others also in that cohort. There have been dozens of Deeper Path groups to date.

I recommend you investigate the Online Self-Study version as a path to a new future. Kary no longer does the live cohorts. Some of the Deeper Path graduates offer live coaching groups. If interested, let me know at


Kary Oberbrunner Day Job to Dream JobAnother book we mentioned is Day Job to Dream Job. If you are feeling stuck and know you have more to offer, this book is for you.

I've given dozens of copies of Day Job to Dream Job away, and several people have used it to change their lives dramatically.

Steve also mentioned the self-study course based on the book: How to Turn Your Passion into a Full-Time Gig. Steve used the term “boot camp course” for the same opportunity to alter the trajectory of your life.


Steve Schulze's Contact Information

You can connect with Steve Schulze via:

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Photo Sources: Shawshank DVD cover, Amazon; Deeper Path cover, Amazon.


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