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Best Speaking Topics

I speak about Success and Significance, personal responsibility for growth, communicating & pitching your ideas, and entrepreneurial topics. We will work together to customize these themes for your event and attendees.

  •        Self Investment     

    We hold the key to our improved future through wisely choosing self- investment opportunities. Our imperative is to invest in ourselves so that we can invest in others.

  •     Idea to Impact   

    Communicating ideas so that your audience becomes enthusiastic allies is crucial.  Whether you are seeking investment, support, referrals, or all of the above, communicating with clarity is your key to success.

  • Success and Significance

    Success and Significance are complimentary, and you can't have one without the other. Real success means leveraging your achievements for the benefit of others. 

  • The Clarity Imperative

    Our world demands, and we owe it, Clarity. It is essential we develop & broadcast it consistently. Our ability to do so attracts the right people and repels those better served elsewhere.

What Event Organizers Say

I have been blessed to work with excellent people and speak to remarkable and engaged audiences. A sampling of the feedback I receive:

  • Dynamic, Engaging & Memorable

    "Rick’s ability to connect with our audience, incorporating questions and comments into his presentation on the fly, makes his session dynamic, engaging and memorable."

    Amy Schmittauer

    President, Vlog Boss Studios

    The Ohio Growth Summit

  • First Choice

    "Rick is the first name that comes to mind for presenting when startups are seeking funding and need a high level of experience and knowledge to guide them.”

    Chaz Freutel

    Director, Dublin Entrepreneurial Center

  • Interactive & Actionable

    “We were highly impressed by Rick’s ability to teach our students how to deliver a powerful pitch in such a short amount of time. Most importantly, our students were able to put what they learned into immediate action.”

    Edward Pauline

    Director, Ohio State University’s

    Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program

  • Speaking Style

    I tailor each presentation to your audience, whether students, professionals or corporate leaders.

    I work to engage participants in an interactive and entertaining flow of material, incorporating questions and ideas into the content, making it our content. 

    It is my desire that each person attending your event feels they were personally involved and learned new ideas integrated with their own experiences.

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What Participants Say

I have been blessed to speak to and learn with amazing and engaged audiences. A sampling of the feedback I receive:

  • Personal & Humorous

    "Rick’s presentation was clear and concise, supported with memorable slides and useful handouts. What I appreciated even more, however, was how he used humor and personal stories to engage the audience."

    Laura Coffee

    Founder and President,

    Painted Turtle Partners

  • Terrific Presenter

    "I had the pleasure of hearing Rick speak on the Podcast Cruise on the waters heading to Mexico. My favorite part about what he shared were actually up close and detailed screenshots of real examples. So many speakers end up being talking heads. But Rick brought his words to life with relevant examples that helped me see ways to apply what he was teaching."

    Laura Petersen

    Serial Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Podcaster, Teacher, & Digital Nomad

  • Actionable & Credible

    "Thank you for your incredible presentation on pitching! You gave us value-added information and tips that were actionable, credible, and easy to apply. The tiered information - Befrore/During/After was greatly appreciated. Continues success!"

    Yolanda Brown

    Founder, CopyWrite Brown

    Brand Architect, Communication Strategist, Connector. Collaboration Sensei. Creative. Entrepreneur. Educator.

  • Professional Details

    I played a key role in building and selling a start-up company, directed technology programs in a major US financial institution and consulted with companies throughout the United States in the areas of technology, finance, marketing, and operations.

    Most recently, I invested eight years in start-up investments with Rev1 Ventures, coaching entrepreneurs and mentoring them to Pitch with Purpose to raise funds and fuel growth.

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  • Who is Rick

    I am married to my college sweetheart, and we recently celebrated our 30th anniversary. We have two boys, one  arecent college graduate, and one in college. Our daughter, adopted from China, is in middle school.

    We love to travel the world, and the state of Colorado and Ireland are favorite destinations.

    We live in the country surrounded by hills, woods & ponds. I enjoy my kids' sports, college basketball, grilled steaks, bluegrass music & playing upright bass.

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  • Thank you.

    Thank you for your interest in having me speak at your event.

    I appreciate the opportunity to connect with you, learn about your audience, and understand your event goals.

    I am looking forward to talking with you about your vision and what we might accomplish together.

    To start our conversation, email me or click on "Send Voicemail" to your left and we'll quickly arrange a time to talk.


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