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Small Business Revival Podcast with Brian Mininger

Welcome Small Business Revival Podcast listeners! Thanks for stopping by the page I prepared just for you. Here, you will find resources geared toward making you more successful.

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Small Business Revival Podcast with Brian Mininger, Episode 09I am honored to be interviewed by Brian Mininger, an experienced leader, entrepreneur and business adviser, on his Small Business Revival podcast. We talk success and failure, communicating internally and with customers, having a strong CORE and how that helps entrepreneurs to be successful plus what the future might hold for us.


Free PDF for You

5 Things Every Business Owner Should Outsource Now by Rick Coplin Near the end of Brian's interview, I indicated I would make available to the Small Business Revival Podcast audience a PDF with 5 quick wins. I prepared this PDF, 5 Things Every Business Owner Should Outsource Right Now To Be More Successful, specifically with the SBR Podcast audience in mind.

Please let Brian and me know if this PDF helps you move forward with greater success in your business.


Pitch Your Best! eBook

Pitch Your Best! By Rick CoplinI am also making available to the Small Business Revival Podcast audience an eBook I wrote Pitch Your Best!. This eBook will be FREE on the day of the podcast release (Wednesday, February 11th, 2015) and for two days afterwards (Thursday, February 12th and Friday, February 13th).

Additional upcoming free days for Pitch Your Best! are Friday, February 20th and Monday, March 2nd.

If you don't have a Kindle, no worries! You can quickly download the Kindle app for iPhone and Android devices.


The 30/30 App

30/30 App By Binary HammerThe 30/30 app is based on the idea that working undistributed for 30 minutes on one task, then engaging in an activity completely different for the next 30 minutes enhances productivity. The second 30 minutes is supposed to be a break, however I have found that focusing on one task for 30 minutes, then another for an additional 30 minutes, then a short break works best for me.

That's the beauty of the 30/30 app. You can set task times and breaks as best fit your preferences. You will find what works best for you with a little experimentation.

The free app is a great way to schedule tomorrow in advance. I typically plan my day the evening before. I  schedule about half of my day, particularly when I plan to be in the office. This is to accommodate distractions, unforeseen conversations, unexpected emails/calls etc. You can start and stop the timer simply by tapping it. This is a simple app I am confident you will find boosts your productivity and sense of accomplishment.

Beyond the To Do List Podcast with Erik J. FisherThanks to Erik Fisher for finding this app for me and other members of his audience. Erik is the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner, a productivity podcaster and an author. He is the force behind the popular Beyond The To Do List Podcast. I highly recommend his podcast.

And finally, a recent favorite quote of mine that is applicable to busy business owners:

Billy Graham the Brevity of Life

“The greatest surprise
to me in life is
the brevity of life”

– Billy Graham







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