Interviewed on The Small Business Revivial Podcast

I am honored to be interviewed by Brian Mininger, an experienced leader, entrepreneur and business adviser, on his Small Business Revival podcast.

Small Business Revival Podcast with Brian Mininger

Brian and I talk about success and failure, communicating internally and with customers, the importance of family and priorities, having a strong CORE and how that helps entrepreneurs to be successful, plus what the future might hold for us.

Small Business Revival Podcast with Brian Mininger, Episode 09I also prepared a special page on this website for the Small Business Revival listeners with a custom developed PDF: “5 Things Every Business Owner Should Outsource Right Now To Be More Successful” plus other helpful resources and links.

You can link to my special listener page from Brian's show notes, preferably after listening to his podcast. You can also get Brian's show notes by clicking the picture above.

I strongly encourage you to subscribe to the Small Business Revival podcast, listen to a few episodes and then leave a review in tunes. That will help Brian's message reach more entrepreneurs with his passion for reviving small businesses across America.

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I work alongside emerging companies on business formation, commercialization strategies, and capital planning. My passion is to find, support, mentor, coach, incubate, & fund start-ups engaged in innovative technology businesses.

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