Saying Thank You with Style

A simple “Thank You” goes a long way to show appreciation, especially when given in a heartfelt manner. Gratitude can be shown verbally, with a simple sticky note, through a simple gift and in several other ways. No matter how it is given, a thank you says a great deal about who we are.

I recently had the opportunity to provide a tour of our incubator to a group of Ohio Wesleyan University students, and invited two entrepreneurs to tell their stories of successes, challenges and plans. I enjoy meeting students and learning their interests, the business ideas they are pursuing or what their career plans entail; it is always interesting.

When the students arrived, my schedule was such that I could not invest more than a few moments with them; I had to arrange for one of my compatriots to “volunteer” to give the tour. Following the entrepreneurs' conversations and tour, the group traveled back to campus.

Three Novels, Three Inscriptions

Rick Coplin CollectionThe class' professor, Rusty McClure,  serves as an adviser and Angel investor to numerous entrepreneurs.  In addition, he is a New York Times Best Selling Author, having written three books, Crosley; Cincinnatus; and Coral Castle. A week after the students' visit, I received a package; Rusty had sent signed copies of each of his novels as appreciation for arranging the visit. In each book, Rusty wrote a unique inscription highlighting a distinguishing characteristic of the book.

Rusty's novels will join other signed books in my library; these three will hold special value because of the personal connection and unexpected expression of gratitude. This simple gesture, a gift of Rusty's own writings, is one of the more personal and meaningful thank you's I have ever received.

Intentional Thoughtfulness

Rick Coplin InscriptionRusty's thoughtfulness has not only primed my summer reading list, it has encouraged me to reflect on how I can show gratitude to others for the little and big things they do. I have not written any books yet, but there are numerous ways to express a personal thank you. I'll be consciously creative in saying, writing and gifting gratitude in the future. I am convinced that taking the time to express appreciation in unique ways will be worth the effort.

I encourage you to pick up a copies of Crosley; Cincinnatus; and Coral Castle and enjoy reading these good books. I'm starting with Crosley, as it was the first one Rusty penned. I'll read the other two in the order they were published.

Be Thankful, with Style

What unique “thank-you” have you given or received? What unique ways have you expressed gratitude? How has it enriched your relationships?

Make it a habit of expressing appreciation in memorable ways.

Rick Coplin


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  1. Rick, we talk about social so much these days but it’s really easy to forget the one thing your post points out – personalization. That’s what makes a thank you precious and therefore memorable.

    • Jim, you are 100% correct, especially when someone goes out of their way to expresses gratitude in an unexpected way. I would have been fine with an email or a simple verbal acknowledgement; Randy personalized it and that made it memorable. Now I am looking for opportunities to say “Thanks” in unique ways. The best part? I expect it will be fun!

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