Honored To Be Interviewed On the Minutes Not Money Podcast

I am honored to be interviewed by Todd Cook, an airline pilot, experienced leader, financial adviser and entrepreneur. We talk everything from entrepreneurs, to family, to Mastermind groups.


Minutes Not Money Podcast

Todd and I talk about success and failure, the importance of family and priorities, entrepreneurial challenges, the role of social media in business, personal values and principles, and the foundational importance of a Mastermind group to success.

Meet Todd Cook

Todd Cook Minutes Not MoneyTodd's purpose is to uplift and inspire others to pursue their dreams, work together, get along with family and friends, and enjoy life with no financial concerns.

Todd has interviewed a stellar list of thought leaders including Jeff Brown, Rory Vaden, Carri Drzyzga, and others. I am humbled to be included with these amazing individuals.


Free PDF and eBook for You

I prepared a special page on this website for the Minutes Not Money audience including a new PDFs and a new eBook that I will email to you once you visit Todd's page for the podcast.

7 Habits and 5 Keys Rick Coplin


  • PDF: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Vacationers
  • eBook: 5 Things Every Business Owner Should Outsource Right Now To Be More Successful


Visit Todd's Show Notes

You can get access to the special page I prepared by first visiting Todd’s show notes. His page will have links to the “secret site” and the link to have the eBook and PDF, which will be emailed to you. In addition, you will find my book recommendation and a link to Pitch Your Best!, which is free on Amazon during the day and the day after our podcast goes live.


Minutes Not Money Podcast with Todd CookYou can find to my special listener link page on Todd’s show notes, preferably after listening to our podcast. You can also get Todd’s show notes by clicking the Minutes Not Money picture.

I strongly encourage you to subscribe to Todd's Minutes Not Money podcast, listen to a few episodes and then leave a review in tunes. Adding a review will help Todd’s message reach more entrepreneurs with his passion for a family centered, financially secure lifestyle.



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