Make 2014 Your Year

It's here. 2014 arrived just like 2013 did 365 days ago and just like 49 other new years have arrived for me before this new year. 2014 will be different, dramatically different in fact. I am determined to live my 365 days in 2014 unlike any other year.


I have been building up to 2014 for the past 18 months. Slowly in retrospect, but intentionally as I evaluate my past and look to the future with increasing clarity.

I've written previously about changing my mindset and what I allow into my head. That mindset investment is beginning to pay off personally and professionally. The success-oriented thought leadership I intentionally seek led me to invest in myself during 2013. How? By investing my time, my money and my effort in:

  • A personal coach, Kary Oberbrunner, from whom I have learned much about entrepreneurial intent, effort and results. I am also part of a monthly coaching cohort Kary and his business partner, David Branderhorst, lead in person.
  • Seeking “virtual mentors” like Michael Hyatt, Dan Miller, Ray Edwards, Scott Fay and several others through their podcasts and blogs.
  • Meeting John Maxwell in April and reading/listening to several of his books. I'll read several more in 2014.
  • Attending Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership 1 Day in May.
  • Engaging in the Launch Conference during September in Vail, Colorado. I met two of my virtual mentors and became friends with several amazing entrepreneurs.
  • Attending the Igniting Souls Conference in November with a group of passionate, entrepreneurial people coached by Kary Oberbrunner.
  • Starting a Mastermind Group in November with 4 like-minded entrepreneurial professionals. Each of us are in similar places in our journeys. We mentor and are mentored in our twice-monthly meetings.
  • Setting significant personal goals for the first time ever in late December with Michael Hyatt's 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever video series.

There were several other intentional investments of my time, money and effort in 2014. The list above is representative of my focus and commitment.

“Make 2014
the best
year ever”

There are four numbers in the image at the top of this post. 2014. Those four numbers will be meaningless repetition of previous years for most people. You have an opportunity to be intentional and make 2014 dramatically different for yourself and others you will influence. You can either make excuses a year from now or intentionally make it happen.


I encourage you to invest in yourself throughout 2014. Here are four things to do today and this month:

  1. Decide 2014 will be different.
  2. Listen to this replay of Michael Hyatt's live call about goal setting and the 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever course.
  3. Accompany me to one our monthly coaching cohorts If you live in central Ohio (just ask, I'll invite you).
  4. Identify a handful of virtual or personal mentors, start learning and apply what you learn.


I guarantee a year from now, you'll wish you had started today. Perhaps you have already thought something similar about 2013. Think of this day as the first blank page of your new year, and use that page to make sure your 365 days of 2014 is like none before.

Make 2014 YOUR year.

Rick Coplin





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  • Rick, it’s obvious this was a HUGE year for you. As you added value to yourself, you made yourself more valuable. You can GIVE more because you ARE more. It’s a blessing to know you and be mutually encouraged and challenged. Looking for even more from you in 2014.

    • Kary, thank you for your kind words! Each day, each decision, each action does not seem significant in the moment. They are significant in retrospect, especially when coupled with Clarity. My personal Competence and Confidence are building based on a much stronger, much clearer foundation thanks to your Influence and Impact. Thanks for your action and results oriented leadership!