CrunchGear features Locally Created Twitter App ChumpDump


Even though I am on vacation this week, I enjoy keeping up with events and people who impact my world, or at least keeping up with the things that interest me.  So, it was with delight that I saw a post at TechCrunch Sunday on ChumpDump, an idea birthed at this past April's Startup Weekend III in Columbus, Ohio.  We have a solid track record of success at SWColumbus and I expect we'll see more successes, as we have a vibrant, innovative community in Central Ohio.

The interesting  thing about ChumpDump as an SWC “company” is that the idea hatched during wide-ranging discussions of a “non-team” in the reception area at TechColumbus (SWC host location) over the weekend. It was presented almost as an afterthought alongside the “official” SWC companies on Sunday evening.  It might have been born that evening during the Sunday company pitches.  You never know where or when innovation is going to occur, so it is best to keep your eyes and mind open, then seize an opportunity when it happens.

ChumpDump was also the featured app at a Dallas-Fort Worth TV station, The CW 33 this past Friday.  Where else has ChumpDump been featured recently?  Inside Social Games, Killer Startups, AndroidGuys, and TwitterFools with perhaps the best coverage being found in TechColumbus' own TechWeek to name a few.  I've event heard mention of a Wall Street Journal nod.  As attention spreads, so will ChumpDump.

If you use Twitter, I recommend you download ChumpDump at the iTunes Store or the Android App Market and have a little fun by “weeding the chumps out of your twitter feed”.  Yofu might also be able to adopt a chump or save a chump…  You can follow ChumpDump on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with fast paced developments as ChumpDump spreads across the globe, with love, from Central Ohio.  Here's a sampling of ChumpDump recent “abuse” in my mentions column:

High Five! to Dan Rockwell, innovative Big Kitty Labs and to Rocky VanBrimmer, best known as Rockson for creating and promoting an engaging app and for once again putting our community on the map for creativity and inventiveness.

To read the article at CrunchGear, click here. Be sure to watch the video interview of Dan too.

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