The Success to Significance Podcast Launches Today

Helping You Leverage Your Business Success Into Significance And Impact

Today marks the official launch of The Success to Significance Podcast. Success to Significance helps you leverage your business success into significance and impact.

Success to Significance Podcast

The Success to Significance Podcast focuses on individuals who have pursued and enjoyed career success and are looking to have an impact on the world around them. Our focus is on the journey through success and into significance.

The concepts of success and significance are complementary, not mutually exclusive, and the focus is building on your success.

You can leverage your success at whatever point in life you are today to better your own life and individuals’ lives in the world around us.

The Success to Significance Podcast helps you leverage your business success into significance and impact. You define your success, the significance you desire and the impact you want to have.


Available Success to Significance Episodes:

  • Success to Significance Podcast LogoEpisode 000 is a solo episode. I introduce Success to Significance Podcast, review the Focus, Feel and Format of the show, and highlight early episodes. You'll also hear some personal background and shout outs to mentors and friends.
  • Steve SchulzeEpisode 001 highlights a 30-year government employee, Steve Schulze, who’s wife encouraged him to “Get out before they carry you out”. You will be amazed at Steve’s authenticity and clarity as he tells his gripping story.
  • Jim AkersEpisode 002 features Jim Akers, a highly successful executive who left the corporate world to pursue greater significance. He is the author of Tape Breakers. Jim’s thoughtful approach to business, planning next steps, taking risks, supporting a vital cause and intentionally living will inspire you.

And Releasing this Friday Morning:

  • Cynthia ClaireEpisode 003 introduces Cynthia Claire, who invested over 25 years in her corporate careers and pursued her passions on a global scale inside her last employer. She left to form her own company and is now an in-demand speaker, author, and coach. Cynthia’s recently authored Divorce to Divine. Cynthia's insights and enthusiasm will encourage and inspire you.

And Releasing Friday, June 3rd:

  • Harold ArnoldEpisode 004 features Dr. Harold Arnold, a passionate teacher who is building his platform on the side while focused on his full-time job. He has just published Second Shift, which is particularly suited for those pursuing significance in the part-time margins of life. Harold's dedication to his wife, his family and passions will inspire you and his message will draw you in and may transform you.


New episodes will be released each Friday morning. To get the episodes as they are released, you can subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher Radio.


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I appreciate your time and attention. We live in a busy, noisy world, and for you to invest your time in learning from our Success to Significance guests, is deeply meaningful to each one of our guests and deeply meaningful to me

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