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Pitching Well Will Multiply Your Opportunities

Joel Kessel

Welcome Conversations on Communications Podcast listeners! Thanks for stopping by this page, which I have prepared just for you. Here, you will find resources mentioned during the podcast geared toward making you more successful.

If you found this page prior to listening to Joel Kessel's Conversations on Communications Episode 005, you can find it HERE. Enjoy listening!

Our Conversations on Communications Discussion

Joel Kessel HeadshotI am honored to be interviewed by Joel Kessel, an experienced leader, keynote speaker and public relations & communications expert.

Joel's passion is to create and provide you with relevant, helpful content that you can use to further your organizational growth and your professional growth.

During our conversation, Joel and I focused on pitching. Whether you are pitching your company to investors or pitching new business to a potential client, our conversation will be helpful to you. We discuss a wide variety of topics around your pitch including:

  • Contingencies – The importance of being prepared for a variety of contingencies within your pitch;
  • Flexibility – Answering questions, recognizing that each audience member is an individual and has varying interests and needs;
  • Responsibilities –  Your responsibilities while pitching;
  • Shark Tank – Why Shark Tank is a learning opportunity for entrepreneurs;
  • Purpose – What the most common purpose of a pitch really is;
  • Listening – Why listening and observing is critically important;
  • Answering “No – When it is OK to not answer a question or say “I don't know” during a pitch session;
  • Opportunities – Recognizing when your pitch has actually gone well.
  • Follow-up – The importance of what you do after the pitch. Plus, the ONE THING that will set you apart;
  • Investment – What matters most when you take investment.


Success to Significance PodcastJoel and I also discuss my intentional career change near the end of  our conversation. At the beginning of 2016, I left one of the best companies and teams I have worked for during my career. We discuss my plans for the next few months that include a new book, Pitch with Purpose, and a new podcast, Success to Significance.


Free Bonus PDF for You

The Top 10 Things to Never Ever Say in an Investor Pitch - Rick CoplinI recently enjoyed the opportunity to record a podcast with Simpleology. Their team turned one of my blog posts, The Top 10 Things to Never Ever Say in an Investor Pitch into a useful infographic.  I hope this benefits you the next time you have an opportunity to pitch!

Please let Joel and me know if this Infographic helps you pitch more effectively.

Pitch Your Best! Quick Reference Guide

Pitch Your Best! Quick Reference Guide

I briefly mentioned the Pitch Your Best! Quick Reference Guide.

This 4 page PDF is an excerpt from Pitch Your Best! that will help you to determine what to include in your pitch based on time constraints, whether giving a 30 second elevator pitch to a full blow pitch for the purposes of raising money that may last 20 minutes or more.


Pitch Your Best! eBook

Pitch Your Best! By Rick CoplinI am also making available to the Conversations on Communications Podcast audience an eBook I wrote Pitch Your Best!. This eBook will be FREE on the day of the podcast release (Thursday, February 25th, 2016) and for a few day afterwards (Tuesday, March 2nd, 2016).

If you don't have a Kindle, no worries! You can quickly download the Kindle app for iPhone and Android devices.


As I mentioned in the podcast, if you are a Conversations on Communications Podcast audience member, I will be glad to help you in any way that I can. You can email me at Rick@RickCoplin.com. I will respond as quickly as possible.



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