Featured on the JenningsWire Business Podcast

I am honored to be interviewed by Stacy Amaral Kauffman of the JenningsWire Podcast. We talk startups, success and failure, and 5 things that the most successful entrepreneurs do regularly.

JenningsWire Podcast with Rick Coplin

In 8 minutes, Stacy asks great questions and we talk about:

  1. Moving from a “secure” Fortune 100 company to a startup;
  2. Why we sold our business;
  3. What I would do differently moving to a startup next time;
  4. Getting started and the how funding fits into the picture; and
  5. Five things successful entrepreneurs do that drive results.


Startup DeskHere's a link to the JenningsWire page where the Stacy's interview can be found. You can also click on the picture to the left or the JenningsWire logo above.  You can listen using the player on the page or download this and other JenningsWire podcast episodes via iTunes.


The JenningsWire podcast is presented by Annie Jennings, Founder/CEO of Annie Jennings PR and the creator of JenningsWire online magazine.

I encourage you to subscribe to the JenningsWire podcast and listen to several episodes. Most are 8-10 minutes long. You find a wide variety of topics there, and a constraint stream of value as interviews are posted with smart, capable business leaders. After you've listened to a few episodes, take five minutes and leave a review in tunes. That will help spread the JenningsWire message and brand.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or questions related to Stacy's questions and my answers in the comments below.


Rick Coplin




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I work alongside emerging companies on business formation, commercialization strategies, and capital planning. My passion is to find, support, mentor, coach, incubate, & fund start-ups engaged in innovative technology businesses.

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