How To Eradicate The Hidden Poverty In Your Community

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Kim Emch was a corporate executive, became a stay-at-home mom, and then discovered poverty in her wealthy suburb. Now, she leads an organization changing lives one family at a time.

Kim Emch Son Miniistries interview

Kim Emch is the Founder and Executive Director of Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries.

Kim worked for eight years in the corporate world, gaining high-level customer service and corporate training skills as she moved into the executive ranks. She left her corporate position for family reasons, and while active in her community, discovered that her affluent suburb had a population subset that lived in poverty, and was largely unnoticed.

Kim founded the Hilliard (Ohio) Free Summer Lunch Program in 2007. As the program grew to a year-round ministry partnering with children and families in poverty in a suburban setting, she expanded the mission of the organization and Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries began in 2009.

SON Ministries Hilliard, OHToday, SON Ministries has served thousands of families and changed the trajectory of lives, enabling many to move out of poverty and into a better future.

To give you an idea of scale, in 2016, SON Ministries had 569 volunteers meeting over 700 volunteer opportunities combining in over 16,000 hours of service.

Kim has an amazing, positive spirit that will inspire you to look more closely at your community and ask “what can I do to make people’s live better?” SON Ministries has helped fifteen Ohio organizations begin their own programs, and Kim would gladly do the same with you in your community.


Listen to Kim on How To Eradicate The Hidden Poverty In Your Community:

Kim's Thought Leadership

  • “I learned there were 2,158 children in my suburb who were receiving a free or reduced cost lunch. I was completely floored by that. I expected that in the inner city. When I heard that number, My life had a defining moment: Now I know, Now what?”
  • “There are more people living in poverty in suburban settings than in inner city settings today.”
  • “Parents told me that because of illiteracy, lack of English, challenging work schedules, and lack of technology, that they could not help their children.”
  • “The bulk of the things we do don’t take much money. It takes a lot of people doing a little bit that altogether, changes peoples’ lives.”
  • “When neighbors, individuals and corporations get lit on fire to do something in the world that makes a difference in someone’s life, the [possibilities] are limitless.”
  • “We believe that everyone wants to do something in the world, they just don’t know how. So we make it our business to tell them how, today, tomorrow or next week.”
  • “It’s a beautiful thing to watch community members, children and their families find common ground.”
  • “I am 100% certain that there are children who need a summer lunch in every town in America.”
  • “There are some structural DNA pieces of SON Ministries that can be replicated in any community.”
  • “The richness in my life is not measured in pennies, nickels or dollars. It is measured in relationships.”
  • “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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