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I recently visited a Baja Fresh Mexican Grill for the first time and had a great lunch.I asked the server what she liked on the menu and got a great “tour” of the menu.I later responded to a web survey request and made a comment about the availability of salsa to go with my chips.I had missed the unlimited chips and salsa bar, and probably ignored the hostess when she directed me to it.Within a few hours of making the comment on the survey, I received this response:

My name is Billy Pilawski and I am the regional operator for Baja Fresh in Ohio.I would like to apologize for the lack of “sauce” you received recently at our Olentangy location. I am hoping that the team directed you to our bottomless salsa bar.We also offer unlimited chips.Were you aware of these features?We pride ourselves on great food, excellent customer service and sparkling clean restaurants.I have addressed the situation with the team.I would like to invite you back in as my guest.Please send me your mailing address and I will drop some free meal coupons in the mail.We appreciate your feedback and value you as a guest.We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Billy Pilawski

Regional Operator

What a pleasant surprise! I don’t often fill out surveys, and did this one as I was waiting on something else.I had no expectations of a response.Needless to say, this kind of service and attention to detail is rare. I would have gone back based on the great food, now I will absolutely go back and encourage anyone I know who likes eating at Baja Fresh Mexican Grill‘s competitors to give them a try.

So, stop by Baja Fresh Mexican Grill today and enjoy unlimited chips and sauces, and ask the person waiting on you what they like on the menu.

Let me know when you go, what you ate and what you think about the excellent food and great service.

Enjoy lunch and dinner!

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2 thoughts on “Great Service is Simple

  1. >that’s great that you got great service and also that you took the time to blog about it! It’s a sad state of affairs that good service like that is a pleasant surprise rather than the norm. If you like good service try the Container Store at Easton too… I work there part time and we pride ourselves on our exceptional service and customers comment on it all the time. You are right, it’s not really that hard to give good service. Be grateful and happy when you get it… and let them know!

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