Entrepreneurial Activities and Opportunities Abound in Central Ohio!

This is a fairly typical week in the life Central Ohio innovators – several opportunities to learn, network and invest time in being successful.

First, a recap of two events from last week:

The August entrepreneurs track luncheon focused on the tough decisions entrepreneurs make when deciding to leave a seemingly secure full-time position in order to pursue the entrepreneurial dream. A recap and video of the event can be found here (the video is 1 hour). Good stories of planning, rash decisions, near failure, uncertainty and success from the panel of entrepreneurs.

The August Leadership Luncheon focused on the transformation taking place in America's energy industry. Energy, the Future and the developing Smart Grid – with American Electric Power, Duke Energy and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio presenting their ideas on what the future holds. You can view the 1 our video and the presenters' slides here.

This week, there are multiple events on Thursday, August 20th.

Thursday kicks off with the monthly Business Breakfast, hosted at TechColumbus. Developing Transformational Leadership Techniques (Event details and registration). Speakers are:

Maureen Metcalf, President of Metcalf & Associates, Inc., has extensive business experience to support her clients' Level 5 leadership development and organizational transformations.

Carl Fernyak, CEO of MT Business Technology. Carl has over 18 years of technology industry experience, starting and successfully scaling 6 companies prior to acquiring MT Business Technologies in 2006.

Rattan D’Souza, Worthington Industries' Director of Strategic Planning. In his 7 years at Worthington Industries, Rattan has been in both business and IT roles. Currently Rattan is responsible for developing appropriate business strategy and processes that ensure long-term success of his business unit.

Ben Blanquera is the Vice President Information Services at Progressive Medical Inc. and is also a co-founder of TechLife Columbus.

The next event on Thursday morning is Ideas 2 Deals Live, presented by the SBDC's Mike Bowers in Central Ohio and hosted at Sandbox Coworking Community Columbus at 9:00 a.m. Ideas to Deals Live is a three-part program designed for entrepreneurs desiring to turn their business idea into an opportunity worthy of investment. The class will explore issues relating to start-up, marketing, financing, sales and growth. Registration is full for this event, however it will be held again prior to the end of the year at The Dec.

Running simultaneously to the Leadership Breakfast and Ideals to Deals Live is the monthly Jelly at The DEC. Typically 20-30 individuals attend this Jelly, and enjoy lunch and networking while attempting to work. The large open spaces at The DEC and the several places to ‘sneak away' form the crowd make for an ideal co-working environment.

The Jelly will segue into The DEC‘s monthly Innovation Series for entrepreneurs. The August Innovation Series is Local i-phone/Mobile Innovation & Development, and promises to be an outstanding opportunity to learn about mobile applications and building a business around them.

Finally, on Thursday evening, there is a networking event following the Innovation Series. Join us at Matt The Millers to discuss ideas and opportunities and to compare notes on mobile application potential. Register here.

Tired? OK, take the weekend to rest and we'll wind it up and do new things next week – all with the aim of celebrating Central Ohio's vibrant entrepreneurial community, networking, and building successful businesses.

I work alongside emerging companies on business formation, commercialization strategies, and capital planning. My passion is to find, support, mentor, coach, incubate, & fund start-ups engaged in innovative technology businesses.

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