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EntreLeadership 1 Day Conference

Are you a leader people willingly follow? Does your company embody a team-oriented culture working toward a common vision? Are you mentoring others, empowering them to drive growth and innovation? Do you lead your team based on clearly defined and communicated principles?

If you're thinking “that's what I want in my company” and you see room for improvement, then EntreLeadership is for you. I experienced Entreleadership 1-Day in Cincinnati last week and returned home energized and full of new ideas.

Defining EntreLeadership

EntreLeader QualitiesEntreleadership embodies the combined character qualities evident in a Leader and in an Entrepreneur. Look over this list; you likely see characteristics you identify with and some you aspire to improve. Although not definitive, this list is a solid foundation of key EntreLeader characteristics.


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Leaders inspire those around them and Entrepreneurs create and build ventures while assuming & managing risks. The combined characteristics of a Leader and an Entrepreneur produce an individual capable of leading an organization to growth and prosperity. In an organization led by an EntreLeader, people (employees, customers, vendors, competitors and all their families) matter and are treated as valuable partners. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31) is the guiding principle.

Creating an EntreLeadership Centric Business

In addition to people being the substance of success, several other principles are the foundation of an EntreLeader's organization. Dave Ramsey taught an excellent session on creating and growing a business on proven principles of success. These include:

  • Teamwork – intentional unity is key to success.
  • Culture of excellence – weak spots can limit the entire organization.
  • Intentional hiring and firing – hire slow and purposefully; fire fast with dignity and with clearly communicated reasons.
  • FInancial principles predict success – debt dramatically increases risk and magnifies mistakes. Lack of attention to cash flow and proper accounting procedures are deadly to a business.
  • Knowing your “Why” is key – “Why” matters more than “what” or “how”; it is the core of team motivation. “Why” reflects EntreLeaders as persons.

Building an Awesome Business

Jon Acuff, author of several books, most recently Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters led a session on the 5 seasons every business leader can experience. These seasons will likely occur multiple times as we move through various careers and passions. Jon's five stages are:

  1. Learning – Start is every day; dream, discover, explore & experiment.
  2. Editing – Make decisions on what is important, what to drop, what to pursue. This is a time when your “Why” gains clarity with intentional editing and you decide what really matters to you and who you are.
  3. Mastering – Focusing on the edited set of priorities, gaining knowledge, experience and credibility. You become the best at what you do.
  4. Harvesting – The decisions made in the earlier seasons begin to bear fruit. Intentionally doing what matters will produce the best fruit.
  5. Guiding – Mentoring and encouraging others as they move through their own seasons.

Rick Coplin and Jon AcuffAlthough these five seasons are traditionally linked to being your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s respectively, the reality is we can enter any of the stages regardless of our actual age. For instance, I'm Harvesting and Guiding in a couple of areas, and I'm Learning & Editing in several more areas, laying the foundation for Mastering, Harvesting and Guiding in my near and not-so-near future.

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet Jon at the conference and offer a high-five for the overall excellence of Start. Jon graciously signed my copies of Start and Quitter and these will proudly be added to my library of signed books.

Leading an Awesome Team

Chris Hogan led a session on understanding the personality style of yourself and the styles of your team using the DISC profile. DISC uses a quadrant to place you in a continuum of four distinct personality types.

  • Decisive: These individuals are drivers who are more task oriented and focus on problems to solve now. Typically they ignore details and are direct, forcefully overcoming opposition to win.
  • Interactive: These team members are sociable, fun and outgoing. They prefer to influence their environments through persuasion.
  • Stabilizing: Typically calm and cooperative, these team members are stable and loyal, usually avoid conflict and work within a current reality to complete assignments.
  • Cautious: Detailed, analytical and factual, these team members relish details and collect information. They can seem rigid and rely on procedures to move through life. They are usually private and focus on quality and accuracy rather than timeliness and task completion.


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They key value of an EntreLeader's use of DISC is that it becomes clear that each personality type is necessary in a venture. Understanding your tendencies helps clarify potential tension points and magnify opportunities for working together. Understanding how team members deal with the world and with each other reduces tensions and increases trust throughout the organization. This will be particularly true when a team aligns around common goals. Think of DISC as a communication and team effectiveness enhancing tool in your organization.

I fall somewhere between the I and D and plan to take the assessment to gain a better understanding of myself. I have often invested time in understanding myself and my teams through the lens of the Myers-Briggs profile (I'm an INTP) and am looking forward to utilizing DISC to better understand and value those around me.

Stepping Up to Awesome

If you want to take your business to the next level, then EntreLeadership 1-Day Conferences are a great place to start. One of the best things about attending is being surrounded by and meeting like-minded entrepreneurs. We're all in various seasons and have widely varied passions; what we have in common is a strong desire for improvement and intentionality for a better future.

Prior to attending, invest time reading or listening to EntreLeadership. Dave Ramsey's book will help to frame the experience and prepare you as a leader to absorb the teaching and take it back to your business. Upcoming 1-Day conferences are:

  • Orlando, Florida, September 17, 2013 Register
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 9, 2013 Register
  • Los Angeles, California, October 16, 2013 Register
  • Birmingham, Alabama, November 13, 2013 Register

EntreLeader 1-DayThe Dave Ramsey team offers multiple options for EntreLeaders. You will gain actionable insight to take your company from where it is today to where it can be with intentional leadership. Invest a few moments investigating other conference options.

If you have attended an EntreLeadership 1-Day, I'd love to learn about what you learned and how you implemented new insights in your business.

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