Pursuing Your Dream with Purpose

We are experiencing a seismic shift in the entrepreneurial world. The 21st Century's second decade has produced thought leaders and the tools to pursue career and life options like never before. We can ask “What do I want my future to be?” and then create it.

Kary Oberbrunner Day Job to Dream JobMy friend and mentor, Kary Oberbrunner, has written an excellent book that helps you answer this question and others. Kary's framework makes it clear how to put a plan in place to accomplish your goals and dreams.

If you are dreaming a future different from your present, then Day Job to Dream Job is your ticket to action.


Taking Action

If you could pursue any goal or career, what would it be? Take a moment and consider that question and then answer a second: What have you always wanted to do but have put off for sometime in the future? Write both answers down. How are you going to accomplish your dream?

Start by picking up Day Job to Dream Job and read it with your answers in mind. Make notes in the margins. Highlight meaningful passages. Underline what resonates.

Kary Oberbrunner Day Job to Dream JobYou will find within these pages three sections: The Prison, The Plan, and The Payoff. You will also find the nine steps (The Plan) for taking your dreams and turning them into reality. Design your story, your space and your service. Create your platform, your product, and your promotion. Maintain your community, your clarity, and credibility. This is how you can turn your dreams into reality.

Kary has poured his soul into this book so that you can benefit from what he has learned along the way. I’ve watched Kary do it himself over the past three years and these pages reflect reality.

Kary berbrunner Day Job to Dream JobKary left behind his Day Job, which was fulfilling, but not big enough to satisfy his real dreams. In place of the Day Job, Kary has become a Dream Jobber and now has what most only dream about.

Kary is experiencing the freedom to live and work as he pleases. He is generating the finances to support even bigger dreams and incredible generosity. He is living to his potential and experiencing fulfillment like never before. YOU can do the same.


Day Job to Dream Job Trailer

Take one minute and watch the Day Job to Dream Job trailer. You just might see yourself.


Dream Job Journey

Kary’s journey will bring clarity and purpose to your journey. He provides a structured approach and the tools he has used to move from a Day Job to a Dream Job, skillfully wrapped in the story of his experiences.

Rick Coplin Be Not Afraid of GreatnessDay Job to Dream Job is incendiary – you can't read it without deep reflection and either deciding to take action or stepping back from the edge. If you are like me, you’ve stepped back from the edge more than once for any number of reasons. If you’re like me, Day Job to Dream Job will ignite renewed passion to pursue and accomplish your dreams.

Kary is clearly a thought leader in this area and he leads by example. The resources and tools he provides in Day Job to Dream Job will prove to be highly useful as you put into action steps to reach your Dream Job.

Leverage Your Dreams

This book is not just for reading; it is for leveraging your dreams of significant work, meaningful contribution and impact into the reality. You will design, create and maintain your dream with purpose. Create your own seismic shift and go for it!


What about you?

Have you stepped back from the edge? Have you taken the leap into your Dream Job? I've done both, and know there are more leaps in the future. Leave a comment below & we'll compare notes.


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