logomyway Wins $25,000 Entrepreneur Magazine – Kodak Contest

Last September, I received an email from serial entrepreneur Joe Daley, founder of logomyway, who asked for help in getting the word out about his participation in a contest jointly sponsored by  Entrepreneur Magazine and Kodak (BTW: Kodak has a cool site).  The contest was designed to uncover and highlight the most innovative home based entrepreneurs that could share tips to help small business owners be more efficient.  logomyway fits the bill perfectly – not only does Joe run a tight 24/7/365 ship, he helps other entrepreneurs be efficient and save money via logomyway's products and services.

“Selecting the winner was the responsibility of a panel of 20 judges. Joe's entry was one of 6,500!”

Dublin, Ohio's logomyway is a crowd sourcing website enabling businesses to run a “logo design contest” for their business and get same day results from designers all over the world.  Essentially, logomyway connects clients needing logo designs to a global, 10,000 strong, creative community.  Business owners receive a selection of creative, well designed logos to communicate their company brand within a few hours for a fraction of the cost traditional branding and logo projects cost. Judge for yourself: check out the extensive logomyway showcase of 1st place winners.

To win the contest, Joe needed to gather as many votes as possible during a 30 day period and be one of the top 20 vote recipients to be a finalist when voting closed.  Votes were cast via a link Joe supplied to myself and a host of others.   I immediately shared the request and link to several of the entrepreneurs at The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, and it was promptly tweeted by The DEC's active Twitterers.  Social Boomerang posted the plea on The DEC's Facebook page and the DEC Twitter account to get the word out.  The TechLife Columbus community joined in as well.  Votes were cast.  Most importantly, Joe engaged the entire logomyway design community – a global resource that makes up the company's creative core – to support his bid.  More votes were cast; lots of votes.  Joe was also supported by some big players and top blogger like Shoemoney's Jeremy Shoemaker over at affiliate marketer Zac Johnson, web success Tyler Cruz and accurately self proclaimed “Dot Com Mogul” John Chow.  Even more votes were cast.

Selecting the grand prize winner was the responsibility of a panel of 20 judges at Kodak and Entrepreneur Magazine who evaluated the finalists. Joe's entry was one of  an amazing 6,500 businesses seeking fame and fortune that the team reviewed.  Dublin Ohio's logomyway.com entry first made it into the finalist group, then won first place.  The prize? A cool $25,000, a Kodak home office gift package, plus an article about the company in the January 2011 Entrepreneur magazinepure marketing gold to entrepreneurs like Joe. Hats off to Joe for founding a great business and organizing a solid campaign!  Joe plans to use the money to grow the business and potentially hire a few new employees in Dublin.

Click here for the article, “Prized Productivity” featuring Joe and logomyway: A picture of the article:

What a great way to start 2011 for Joe, logomyway and our community!  We have a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central Ohio and here's a quick sampling:

So, 2011, we're ready for you – bring it on!

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