The In-Between

The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing (Moody Publishers, 2013)

Jeff Goins begins The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing with clarity on how I, how we, squander the present. We focus on what we long for, past and future, rather than what we have and are in the moment. We abhor waiting, but it is in the waiting that we have opportunity to grow, to mature, to discover our calling or to simply be in the moment. As Jeff says, “Many of us fail to recognize that the best moments are the ones happening right now”.

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The in-between times, our waiting for what might be as we reminisce about what has been, is the core of our journey. Significance is in these moments. We recognize it best in retrospect as our impatience fades and we realize waiting’s meaningful role in the preparation for the now. Jeff points out “The irony is that when we think we are standing still, we are actually growing the most. What gets us to our destinations are the pauses, the breaks, the in-between.”

Jeff’s book is a potent reminder each moment matters; significance is found in the highs, the lows and the in-betweens. All of it makes us who we are, what we mean to those closest to us, and how we impact the world around us.

My favorite quote is found in chapter four: “That’s what it means to find a calling. You don’t actually find it, you become it.” When we allow the in-betweens to shape us, balanced with the highs and lows, our call becomes clear. Our challenge is to not ignore it, but to embrace it.

Jeff GoinsI had the good fortune to meet and to learn from Jeff at the Launch Conference in Vail, Colorado during September. Talking with Jeff during the conference and listening to his presentation brought The In-Between to life. Jeff’s writing style is warm and familiar. You can easily imagine sitting with him on park bench or in a coffee shop discussing the importance of the in-between as the world rushes by us, oblivious to the now.

Take time to reflect with this book; you will be better for it.

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