Best. App. Ever.

March Madness on Demand

March Madness is my favorite time of the sports year. I invest weeks in advance of the Big Dance “getting in shape” by watching as much basketball as I can squeeze in between work, kids' sports and other activities in anticipation of March Madness. When these few days arrive, I'm ready.

“I pick Kentucky
to be in the
Final Four
every year”

It is particularly excellent now that my boys join me in this annual ritual. We keep brackets, high five over great plays, give each other a hard time as our brackets disintegrate, and text scores and commentary back and forth when we're not together. March madness is about much more than basketball, and it is the sport that makes it special.

UK Basketball Reigns Supreme

University of Kentucky BasketballThose who know me understand I am a serious University of Kentucky basketball fan. I grew up in the long shadows of Memorial Colosseum.  My earliest basketball memories are of being with my dad behind the Cats' bench with Rupp coaching. Later, I watched Hall, Sutton, Pitino, Smith, Gillispie and now Calipari lead my Cats in Rupp Arena. I pick Kentucky to be in the Final Four every year – in September before the season starts.

Televised Frustrations

It used to be that March Madness was a season of joyous anticipation punctuated by network-induced anguish as my Wildcats' games were inevitably preempted by lessor teams when the Wildcat's built even a small lead or by regional coverage polices ignorant of the Big Blue Nation's omnipresence. Living north of Kentucky has serious drawbacks.

A few years ago, CBS Sports began to stream game coverage of multiple games during March Madness – a monumental breakthrough. This was tempered by antiquated blackout policies that meant Kentucky games were frequently not available.

Enter March Madness on Demand

Technology has come to my rescue. All March Madness games are now available live on four broadcast/cable channels: CBS, TBS, TNT and Tru. This development is so significant, I would have been happy throughout this year's tournament, especially in the first and second rounds when games overlap. But wait, there's more: enter the NCAA March Madness on Demand iPad app. I am in heaven. EVERY game is available in real time.

In addition to watching the Wildcats, with NCAA March Madness on Demand I can keep brackets updated, watch in-game highlights, view live box scores, receive pregame and in-game alerts for my Cats & other teams, and keep up with just about every facet of the Tournament. I can even watch 1st and 2nd round afternoon games using the app. The first year it was available, I watched as UK barely beat Princeton late on a Thursday afternoon while I was on a conference call (I hope you can keep a secret!) and watching the game on my iPad .

Rick Coplin

The NCAA March Madness on Demand app's full screen video is excellent. Switching between games and accessing other features is intuitively effortless. A good signal is needed or the video gets sluggish and fuzzy. Sound quality is excellent. If the signal gets too weak for video, the audio continues to stream so you don't miss the flow of the game. Video does lag the televised signals by about a minute. Did I mention EVERY game is available? NCAA March Madness on Demand Rocks.

If you love March Madness and have an iPad, the NCAA March Madness on Demand iPad app is a must. If you don't have an iPad, this app is all the reason you need to buy one. Splurge and get the latest iPad while you're at it.

I'm in iPad driven Kentucky Basketball Heaven. Go Wildcats!


The best part is experiencing March Madness alongside my boys.


Best. App. Ever.

Rick Coplin






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