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Rick CoplinThis is my personal blog. It is focused on Mindset, Clarity and Impact. My mission is to help leaders develop clarity, leverage their existing skills and passions, focus on intentional personal growth, and develop a passion for impact through influence.


I write about mindset development, attaining clarity and defining & pursuing success. I frequently write with an entrepreneurial perspective. Occasionally, I write about integrating family and work and guarding your time for what really matters.

My goal is to create interesting content that is relevant and applicable to you.

If you have a desire to lead yourself & grow, pursue entrepreneurial interests and a desire to influence family, co-workers and friends, then this blog is for you.

I post occasionally, as priorities and time allow, averaging 1-2 times per month.

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My Favorite Posts

If you are new to my site, I suggest starting with some of my more popular posts.


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Make 2014 Your Year

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Vacationing

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How's your Balance?

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How Do You Recharge?







Professional Background

I have helped to build and sell a start-up company, directed technology programs in a major financial institution and consulted with companies throughout the United States in the areas of technology, finance, marketing and operations.


TechColumbus - We build great companiesCurrently, I am Vice President of Community Partner Ventures with TechColumbus working alongside entrepreneurs who are building start-up companies.

My role is to find, support, mentor, coach, incubate, and fund high growth potential companies in Central Ohio. In this capacity, my experience in business formation, commercialization strategies, and capital planning helps accelerate companies toward success.

ArmadaI consider myself a seasoned entrepreneur having invested five years with a start-up company that developed law enforcement information sharing software. The company was sold to investors in 2007 and is still in business. I received and offer to join TechColumbus, one of our investors, shortly after the sale.

I am passionate about mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs, helping them to determine how best to accomplish their goals. I have assisted entrepreneurs with nearly 1,000 pitches, helping entrepreneurs to hone their message and delivery to attract partners, employees and investors. Many of these entrepreneurs have raised funds from TechColumbus, angels and angel groups.

Prior to the startup, I was Technology Program Director at Bank One for three years overseeing technology acquisition, development and implementation. Previous to that, I was with Ernst & Young and KPMG Peat Marwick a total of eight years. At E&Y, I focused on emerging, entrepreneurial and high growth companies, providing consulting expertise in technology transition, software design, selection & implementation, and business process re-engineering. While at KPMG, I focused on technology implementation in manufacturing, supply chain management and warehousing.







eBooks and Books

I have written one eBook and have one book in process based on my experiences as an entrepreneur and now on the investing side. My goal with each book is to help entrepreneurs shorten their paths to success.

  • Pitch Your Best! – Contents of a Solid Investor Presentation. An eBook to help entrepreneurs design their pitches with their audience, time constraints and key purpose in mind.

Pitch Your Best eBook

  • Nail Your Pitch! – A Complete guide to preparing for and delivering your pitch to investors, partners, employees, and family members to make your vision a reality. Coming soon – Spring / Summer, 2015


Personal Background

I am a 1985 graduate of Denison University, with a B.A. in Economics, and a 1991 graduate of The Ohio State University, with an MBA in Finance and Operations. I invested my summer during graduate school in the Washington Campus Public Policy program.

Washington Campus





I have been happily married to my college sweetheart since 1986. I am father of three great kids, faithful servant of two Golden Retrievers and a bunch of cats. I live in the country surrounded by hills, woods & ponds. I enjoys my kids' sports, college basketball, grilled steaks, bluegrass music & playing upright bass, and hosting great parties for our kids & their friends. I love convertibles, and my all time favorite is my 1973 Mercury Cougar XR7, purchased new by my dad.







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