A Standout Elevator Pitch Opens Doors

How do you communicate your idea, opportunity, or company in a few seconds that demonstrates credibility, opens doors and makes a lasting impression?

I have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs on effectively communicating ideas & opportunities to investors and just as importantly, to potential partners, employees and customers. With some intentional effort, you can make an average pitch memorable.

Hands On Workshop

An Elevator Pitch WorkshopI've developed a hands-on workshop for TechColumbus‘ TechStart Essentials to lead entrepreneurs as they transform their pitches from door stop to door openers. Several entrepreneurs have used their improved pitches to present to potential investors. Last week at The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (The DEC), I led a group of experienced professionals through the same exercises with my respected friend Greg Pugh.

The entrepreneurs are developing their pitches for video taping and inclusion on The DEC's website and their own websites. They'll use these videos to communicate to investors, potential partners, employees and customers. I have enjoyed follow-up conversations with several entrepreneurs this week and the updated pitches will be memorable.

Doug EvansDoug Evans, an accomplished marketing leader and DEC Collaborator, participated in the workshop describing the experience in our DEC blog: Get Your Elevator Pitch Off the Ground Floor. Doug's work was  re-posted by the Successful Workplace blog. Doug does a great job expanding the takeaways and highlighting the newfound energy our entrepreneurs built into their pitches. Thanks go to Doug for capturing the workshop's essence!

Improve Your Pitch

Elevator Pitch EssentialsOur TechStart Essentials course occurs bi-monthly, and is on the first Thursday and Friday of the month. A portion of Thursday addresses learning about and refining your pitch. On Friday, entrepreneurs pitch to their peers, a couple of investors and our TechColumbus team, getting significant feedback on the idea, business model, opportunity, and pitch effectiveness. Check out the 9-slide Slideshare presentation that serves as the workshop guide.

If you are in Central Ohio, join us at the next TechStart Essentials. To apply to participate, submit your idea to TechColumbus. We'll review it and contact you to learn more.

Invest in Your Pitch

Do you have a great pitch that demonstrates credibility, opens doors and makes a lasting impression? If so, fantastic! If not, invest time improving it and making it memorable. It will open doors of opportunity.

Rick Coplin

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