5 More Life Changing Podcasts

5 More Life Changing PodcastsAre you intentional about the ideas and thoughts you allow into your head? Do you seek and take advantage of learning opportunities each and every day?

I answer “Yes!” to both questions and podcasts play a key role. In a recent post, “5 Life Changing Podcasts“, I describe the reasoning behind my interest in podcasts and list my “Top 5”. I listen to over 20 podcasts each week, and picking a “Top 5” is not easy as they are all excellent. These five podcasts are on par with the original 5 Life Changing Podcasts.

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What distinguishes a “Top 5“ podcast for me? Simple! I eagerly anticipate each episode's release. Why are they “Life Changing”? I expect each one to have actionable content from which I can learn, apply and share. The five podcasts below embody these criteria.

#1: Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on FireI began listening to John Lee Dumas‘ podcast about the time 5 Life Changing Podcasts published and was immediately hooked. Entrepreneur on Fire features an interview every single day of entrepreneurs who are persevering and accomplishing great things personally and professionally. Their stories are remarkable, encouraging and motivational. Some are well-known, others obscure; all are inspiring. John has interviewed Eric Reis of Lean Startup Fame, Smart Passive Income's Pat Flynn, friend Lewis Howes (see below), Dan Miller (see 5 Life Changing Podcasts), Cliff Ravenscraft (see below), Amy Porterfield (she and Pat Flynn are the only two repeat guests) plus nearly 300 others.

Entrepreneur John Lee Dumas has a great story himself, and has grown Entrepreneur on Fire from concept and launch in September 2012 to a leading podcast. He is also building an exciting business that includes Podcast Launch: A Step By Step Podcasting Guide With 15 Video Tutorials; a Mastermind Group, Fire Nation Elite; an eBook, 10 Incredible Insights from 10 Incredible Entrepreneurs; and he now has multiple sponsors. Entrepreneur on Fire is a stellar podcast and will enhance your day every day.

#2: The School of Greatness

The School of GreatnessLewis Howes is a former two sport All-American and a world record holding athlete. He experienced a career ending injury during his 2008 rookie season in Arena football that ended a lifelong dream to excel in the NFL. Lewis “pivoted”; he co-authored Linked Working, became an entrepreneur, played a role in a Bravo TV series, excels as an internet marketer and started podcasting earlier this year. I have tremendous respect for Lewis' transparency, determination and sheer effort that has propelled him to success in business.

Lewis' top-notch podcast highlights what it takes to be GREAT and accomplish goals ordinary people barely dream of. The School of Greatness features inspiring interviews of highly successful people, world-class athletes and influential celebrities – all of whom are thought leaders in their professions. The School of Greatness is an excellent motivational dive into the minds of passionate achievers who are willing to be transparent about their journeys. A great episode to start with is “The James Altucher Take Over: How I Live My Dreams“.

#3: EntreLeadership

EntreLeadershipThe EntreLeadership Podcast focuses on entrepreneurs, excelling ethically in business, team building and leadership. Business Coach and speaker Chris Hogan hosts, exploring the mindsets of business leaders such as Tony Hsieh, Dave Ramsey, Tony Dungy, John Maxwell and Dan Cathy and how each defines success, culture and excellence.

I attended an EntreLeadership 1-Day Conference in Cincinnati earlier this year and enjoyed the opportunity to hear Chris Hogan and Dave Ramsey teach in person. I wrote about the experience in EntreLeadership Leads to Awesome. One word to describe the EntreLeadership Podcast is “Authentic“. What I heard and experienced at the conference is completely aligned with what I hear in each EntreLeadership Podcast. This weekly podcast is a must listen for any entrepreneur.

#4: Podcast Answer Man

Podcast Answer ManThe Podcast Answer Man is Cliff Ravenscraft, the unparalleled expert in podcasting. I listen to Cliff's podcast because each episode embodies a success and opportunity mindset. Cliff transitions easily between detailed podcasting mechanics and business principles that enabled his successful transition from the family insurance business into being the leading podcasting authority.

Cliff is a successful entrepreneur and has created several video training tutorials, courses such as Podcasting from A to Z and exclusive MasterMind groups. His thought leadership has influenced thousands of podcasts and nearly all the podcasts I absorb each week. This is one of the longer podcasts I listen to; each episode is about an hour long. It is well worth the time investment as Cliff serves as a mentor for building a business with interconnected revenue streams. You will learn a great deal from Cliff. A great place to start is episode #230: Why Do I Do What I Do?

#5: Beyond the To Do List

Beyond The To Do ListPodcaster Erik Fisher is Indiana Wesleyan University's Social Media Manager and is Cliff RavenCraft's Social Media Correspondent on the PodCastAnswerMan podcasts. Beyond the To Do List is interview-based and illuminates guests' perspectives on personal productivity, time management, balancing passions and family, avoiding burnout and other topics.

Erik engages entrepreneurs, musicians and thought leaders who implement and sometimes struggle with productivity tools and strategies across their professional and personal lives. The diversity of guests and their approaches to productivity attracts me to Beyond The To Do List; there is no one size fits all solution & I have learned something from every episode. You will too.


Invest in Yourself Today

“Be intentional
about the ideas
you allow into
your mind”

So, are you being intentional about the ideas you allow into your mind? The podcast images above open iTunes pages. Sample an episode from each and invest in yourself. I’m confident you’ll be glad you chose to engage content that builds your personal abilities and potential. I'd love to learn what podcasts excite you and how they have influenced you. Post a comment below and share what you allow into your mind.

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  • Thanks Rick! I am really honored to be included!

  • I am honored Rick…Thank you for this incredible inclusion. Ignite!

    ~ John Lee Dumas

  • Wow! Rick, thank you so much for including me in this list. I am honored to have you listen to my show on a regular basis and I am incredibly thankful that you would recommend it to others. I am blessed!

  • Phyllis Nichols

    Great list. I wasn’t aware of number 1 and number 5 – so thanks for the recommendation!

    • RickCoplin

      Thanks Phyllis! I hope you enjoy Entrepreneur on Fire & Beyond the To Do List; let me know what you think of them. Do you have any suggestions for solid podcasts?

      I hope you’re enjoying an exceptional Tennessee summer!