Dublin Entrepreneurial Center is growing

Source: TechColumbus Connections Member Newsletter, October 29, 2009

The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center as a geographic extension of a collaborative business community located in the heart of Innovation ParkTechColumbus partners with the City of Dublin to provide: in Dublin.

  • Resources targeted to meet the needs of Innovative start-up companies
  • A creative atmosphere encouraging idea-sharing and collaborative problem-solving
  • Access to industry-specific experts offering unique solutions
  • Close proximity to a wide-ranging variety of industry clusters

Since early 2008, Rick Coplin, Venture Development Director, TechStart, has worked with the City of Dublin to start, promote and run The DEC. The first major event was an open house in March 2009 that attracted 425 people and a broad mix of small businesses has been moving into The DEC ever since.

TechColumbus provides coaching and mentoring; and various DEC collaborators provide a variety of services to the entrepreneurs. The City of Dublin has also hired two DEC small business owners to assist with promoting The DEC, planning events and managing day to day operations.

“The City of Dublin is a tremendous partner with TechColumbus,” said Rick. “I arrange for TechColumbus resources to assist the businesses in The DEC and in Dublin. I am also constantly evaluating what we should do next to keep The DEC an effective growth component in the Dublin community.”

The DEC currently has 16 small business tenants, plans for a Green initiative, and a waiting list for offices.

“The networking events sponsored by TechColumbus and other groups such as TechLife, the International Bootstrapping Association and the twice a month DEC jellies (casual coworking) have really helped to build a sense of community and generate interest in The DEC,” said Rick.

I work alongside emerging companies on business formation, commercialization strategies, and capital planning. My passion is to find, support, mentor, coach, incubate, & fund start-ups engaged in innovative technology businesses.

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